Evening With Eva Season 1 Episode 7



Previously On Evening With Eva. .

Sophia got out of the shower dripping wet, with a towel tied around her breasts level. She had another towel on her head as she walked into her huge bedroom and sat on a stool, facing a large mirror.

They knew when he got the condolence text message. They were supposed to keep an eye on him and report anything unusual to Shina. They were aware that he tried to reach his Boss but was not successful.

So when he got in his car and drove off, they followed him making sure they were far behind not to be noticed and close enough to monitor him.

When Ahmed slowed down and turned to enter his office, the red cab sped off, the two agents inside acting out a heated discussion at the back while the driver acted uninterested. Ahmed did not suspect a thing.

When they got on Asafo interchange Iyke called Shina and informed him about all the things that happened that evening. Ahmed was at his office on a Sunday and was acting weird. He was also freaked out by the news of his ward’s death.

Shina called Ambrose. Ambrose did not pick.


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This is pure fiction and I am writing it the way I feel our Police force ought to be. We are too mediocre in this part of the world and I think the time for an upgrade is NOW.

This is my dream Ghana Army and Police force, not the petty crimes we hear about. I don’t know if any one agrees with me.

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He gave his opponent a ‘close line’ and his opponent fell down, knocked out. He looked at the crowd and waved his hand before his eyes. The fans shouted, “You can’t see me!!!”

He picked up his opponent and launched his trade mark finishing move. His opponent lay on the floor of ring, dazed. Not moving. No one was yet to survive this deadly finishing move. The champion went on top of his opponent and raised the left leg. The referee rushed to their side, and began hitting the ring floor:

“One. Two. Three!!!” and the bell rang.

John Cena had just defeated The Undertaker to retain his crown as the WWE Champion. He crawled away from the body of his opponent, stood by the ring side and posed for his fans.

They were chanting his name and raising placards which had boldly inscribed on them, “WE LOVE YOU JOHN” “YOU CAN’T SEE ME” “JOHN CENA, SIMPLY THE BEST.”

Sark was delighted. He had been counting with the referee and jumped when John Cena won. He loved wrestling. John Cena was his Idol. What made it more special for him was that The Undertaker had previously defeated John Cena during Royal Rumble when they were the last two people in the ring.
There had been a cheat when John Cena’s rivals came into the ring and hit him with an iron chair. This gave the Undertaker an advantage which gave him the victory. It was payback time.

He was still basking in the euphoria of this victory when there was a knock on his door. He turned down the volume of the plasma  on the wall and listened again. The knock came again.

“The door is open.” Sark said as he half guessed who it was.

“I need some help with the door please.” A female voice replied.

It was Sophia as he suspected. He got up and opened the door allowing her to come in with the tray she had in hand. She dropped the tray on the small bedside table and opened the contents of the covered china glass plates. He closed the door and joined her on the bed keeping considerable distance.

“I brought dinner Sark. Let’s eat.” Sophia said. It was more of a command than a request.

They dug into the fufu and lite soup, eating the fufu from one huge plate and also the lite soup from another huge bowl. After the meal, they took turns washing hands in the sink in Sark’s bathroom. Sophia went first. While Sark was washing, she called someone to bring them refreshments.

“Their eyes met but Sark broke the silence.

“How did you know that I like fufu and lite soup?” He asked smiling.

“We know everything about you. We have been watching you for quite a while. Have you read the files I gave to you?” She asked.

“Yes I finished reading last night.” He answered.

“So you know what you are in for?” She queried.

“Do I have a choice?” He replied.

“There is actually a choice. You can walk out that door and call the police. You will not be alive to finish and drop the call. And they will never find your body” Sophia said with a deadly smile.

Sark was scared but did not show it. He had somehow gotten tougher by all the events that had happened to him and eventually landed him here. His next statement was a mistake.

“I know I am supposed to be scared right now. But the funny thing is, I am not.” Sark boasted.

Sophia shined her pretty teeth.

“No one is asking you to be afraid boy. You see in …” Sophia began but was interrupted by a knock on the door.

A young man came in with a bucket containing a bottle of McDowells, two bottles of Vodka and many cans of Power Horse. He had ice in a smaller bucket. He served the contents and took away the tray with the plates of food. He was leaving and almost at the door when, Sophia called him back.


“Yes ma’am” He replied.

In one very quick motion, she pulled her pants (Trousers) up at the ankles and brought out a small gold embroidered pistol. From her sitting position, five meters from where he stood she pointed the gun at him and pulled the trigger.

Blood splattered on the wall behind him as he fell down in one heap, the tray falling from his hands. He was breathing softly and was in pains. He groaned. Sophia got up, walked to the body and stood in front of Thomas, looking at him. She aimed at his heart and shot him again. He was dead.

Sark was shocked. He had already peed on himself. He was scared and afraid. He was shaking visibly. Sophia slowly put her gun back in the holster strapped to her ankle and covered it up with her pants. She smiled very warmly at Sark.

“Lesson number one: Be Ruthless. Be very very ruthless. Be as gentle as a dove and as dangerous as a shark. Stop shaking and clean up this mess. You have two hours to scrub this room clean and get rid of the body.

Chop it into pieces and feed it to the dogs in the fortress. Bring the head to me. See you at 11pm.” Sophia finished and walked out of the room.

Sark was speechless.

Eva woke up in a very strange room. She got up slowly from the bed as she squinted at the lights that were almost blinding her. The room was painted in white. Everything was white and clean.

The sheets, the bed, the curtains, and the walls were all white. Was she dead and in heaven? She thought to herself. There was a man sitting a few meters away from her, legs crossed, and watching her. He was dressed in a black suit, white shirt and a black tie.

He had slippers on. What kind of a bush man is this one? She thought. The man was incredibly handsome though. She sat upright on the bed. She yawned.

“Hello Eva.” Shina greeted

“Where am I? Who are you?” What’s happening?” Eva asked.

“You have been here for two days. My name is Shina. You are at The Mansion.” Shina replied.

“A lady took me from the Dinner and Award party. I want to speak with her. Please.” Eva begged.

“She’s dead.” Shina replied and got up.

Eva moved into her bed, folded her arms around her legs and looked scared. What was happening? She thought to herself. She was promised a safe return by the woman who took her away. Now she is dead?

He must be bluffing. As she thought about all these, she began to recall the events of that evening. She remembered the woman in the bathroom at the Hall and how she got out. She remembered stopping at Law School by the Lagoon.

Then she gasped. Everything was coming back to her now. She remembered how Shina had ordered everyone to come down and how the agent was killed. She remembered how her body was dumped in the lagoon.

These people were not jokers. Her heart began to beat fast. Shina walked towards her and sat at the edge of the bed. He was calm. He smiled.

“Beauty was a double agent. She was a spy. I had to take her out. And just so you know, I was glad to. This is a huge corporation and we will not allow anyone to foil its operations. If I got an order to kill you Eva, you would be dead. I do not know what The General has planned for you, but I am sure you mean a lot to him for him to use his Lieutenants in missions as these.

Everything you need has been provided for. You have everything you might need in the wardrobe. We got you new clothes, shoes and underwear from your favorite store Ultimate Fashion,. We also got you a pack of Tampon because we know your period is starting tomorrow.

Your special cream, soap and shaver have also been provided for. If there’s anything else you need, just dial *345# for the list agents at your command and their designations.” Shina said.

“How do you know all these things?” Eva asked. She was shocked and inwardly impressed.

“We know everything about you Eva. We do our homework well.” Shina replied.

“But I have to be at work. My mother would be worried sick because I see her every day. I have a fiancé. He would have started a search party by now.” Eva said.

“Your Boss received your letter of resignation last night. Your fiancé is out of the country for 4 months. He got a promotion at the Dinner Ceremony and resumed immediately. Your mother is safe and taken care of. She has been getting text messages from you and your fiancé telling her not to worry and that both of you are together.

We have your phone. We hacked into Kusi’s phone. Not a big deal. We have made him so busy; he doesn’t even have time to suspect a thing. Your mother’s phone is controlled too. We interrupt her outgoing and incoming calls to any suspected number. We are everywhere.”Shina replied.

Eva was shocked. She wanted to speak but Shina asked her to be quiet. He brought out his phone and dialed a number. It rang once and the line clicked. Someone was on the other line. Shina put the phone on speaker.

“Francis, what’s the target’s status?” Shina asked.

“She’s preparing palm nut soup in the kitchen. Wearing a long blue dress over an Ankara wrapper. She just finished her daily devotional. She is singing and cooking in the kitchen.” Francis replied.

“I need visual confirmation. Initiate video.” Shina commanded.

Shina placed his phone on the bed in front of Eva as she watched the camera zoom in on her mother. She was convinced beyond doubt. She was looking happy and was dancing at intervals while preparing the soup. Tears welled in her eyes. Shina grabbed the phone and spoke to Francis.

“Stay alert, Francis. Good job.”

“Oga mi, I want some real action. This woman is boring. Can I go in and kill her? I really…” Francis was still speaking when Shina cut him off.

He smiled at Eva.

“Please I would do anything you want. He should not harm my mother.” Eva sobbed.

“He won’t touch your mother. No one will. As long as you behave yourself, everything will be fine.” Shina assured her. He held her right shoulder and shook her a little.

“Can I speak with her? Please?” Eva begged.

“We have arranged for you to visit her tonight and spend the night with her. You can convince her you are travelling or anything. Just let her know you won’t be seeing her in a long while. Don’t try anything funny sweety.

We will take you out. Trust me. We have back up plans just in case you try anything funny. I won’t think twice about killing your mother and leaving you in the hands of Francis. He loves dead pretty women.” Shina said, getting up from the bed.

“Thank you so much.” Eva replied. Shina ignored her.

He looked around the room, wore his slippers and grabbed his ‘panama ‘cap from the chair he was sitting on.

He faced her. She was still sobbing. She will get over it, he told himself.

“If you need me for anything, just press and hold 0. It’s my speed dial number.”

Eva nodded.

He was halfway across the room when he turned.

“One more thing. Breakfast is at 8am. Someone would like to meet you.” He looked at his wrist watch and continued, “You have less than two hours. She hates to be kept waiting.”

He walked out and shut the door.

Detective Ahmed was woken up by a very loud bang in his compound. It sounded like a gunshot. His dogs were barking frantically and all of a sudden went quiet. He was automatically alert and reached under the bed to get his pistol. At the same time, his right hand traced the wall above him and found the light switch. He turned it on. There was a huge white paper on his door with a message written in red ink:


He got up and inspected the ink. It was blood. He checked the door. It was not forced. It had been opened from the outside. He got out of his room and went to the sitting room. He turned on the lights. The same message was on the left wall of his sitting room. He smiled.

He went outside and found his two dogs dead. He was angry. He knelt beside his best friend, Jimmy. The dog had been with him for 5 years. It was his best friend. He got up. His eyes were red.

These guys had just messed with the wrong cop.

He paced for a while, circling his dead dogs. He moved them beside each other, sat down on the floor beside his them in a yoga position and closed his eyes. He put his hands on his laps and said to himself.




  1. When I started with this series I was like..saa. I love these kind of stories..more grease to ur elbow

  2. though u mentioned ds to b a gh version of da series, when i read i still find myself envisioning it as american. lol. ive bn watching so many foreign series.so….

    as u mentioned itz fiction so u r allowed to over hype.lol. besides it wudnt hv bn interesting or intriguing if totally toned down to african/gh police force/ criminal style . (my opinion) i lyk da sophistication and how tactical it seems.

    suggestion; wondering if u cud ‘demarcate’ da diff scenes (eg.a sophia’s scene from detective ahmed’s scene) wid symbols lyk : ****** to mk it clearer. lyk in novels.

    last but not least thumbs up. 🙂