My Style



My Dear Readers,

First of all, I would like to really thank you for all the comments, the views, the encouragement and the criticisms. I really appreciate them. Whether you believe it or not, you guys are the reason I write. And I always seek to make you happy.

Now, I am not writing “Evening With Eva” as a story. I want you to please read it as if it’s a movie and really pay attention. I am doing something which is one of a kind. I would want you to imagine that you are watching a TV Series.

That is the reason I post 3 times daily. I have other threads which are longer and follow chronological order of events. Why would I bring you something you always see or read on social media everyday? That is the reason for my style. The Plot, the different Events, the characters and the theme.

I know you are hungry for more, you want to experience more. You will have more. That is why i have decided to increase the length of my updates. Believe me, this is not easy. Ask any writer.

They will tell you how tasking it is to come up with something that the readers will enjoy. I spend hours coming up with ‘live’ updates. I like dishing them as they come to my head, not write and keep, then update later.

Moreover I have a very hectic work schedule. Am in a trotro going home now as am sending you this and lights out too, i didnt want to tell you this but i lost my fone in a taxi after updating yesterday, that was why i told you guys to send me your names again to be added to the new database and up till now some of you are still refusing

Many have sent me emails, BBM whatsapp, Facebook, twitter messages and telling me my description of the Police Force is over hyped, the scenes are too ‘Jack Bauer-ish’ and that i should tone it down to African style

This is pure fiction and I am writing it the way I feel our Police force ought to be. We are too mediocre in this part of the world and I think the time for an upgrade is NOW.

This is my dream Ghana Army and Police force, not the petty crimes we hear about. I don’t know if any one agrees with me.

Finally, no one forced me to start this thread. Na me carry my hand go look for trouble by myself. I brought it upon myself. So I owe every one a duty to finish this up and be consistent.

I promise you, I WILL. I have put my thread on sexuality section on hold for this. I promise to be better.

Plus, I can only be myself. I cant be compared to other fantastic writers which I appreciate but believe me, its impossible to be them.

Suggestions, questions, criticisms are welcome. No one is an island.

I appreciate you all and spread the word

Thanks a lot




  1. Sorry for the fon loss, I have always read your piece like am watch a TV series. Big ups to u, u are unique that is why u are u. No turning back chaoo.