Even Your Boo Get A Boo season 1 episode 3


“Where are you exactly?” I asked.
“You, where are you”. Clara asked back over the phone.
“Come upstairs”. I told her.
“I’m at the gallery, close to the viewing rooms” She said okay and hung up. Shey you know that nervousness that comes when you are about to see a “social media friend” you like for the first time? That’s was how I felt (macho man aside) Dude. Chill, my mind voice told me, it’s just a girl. Stop acting like a chicken.
I inhaled and exhaled and waited. But mehn, all those taking in of air didn’t help me when I spotted her. I first saw before she saw me, just as she was about to get on the escalator. Then she saw me too and knack me one very sharp smile from far like this eh. d–n, this girl is fine. Her hair was braided. All those heavy looking braids. Then she come tie the thing as a bun ontop of her head.
She also wore an unbuttoned demin over a white inner Polo. Choi. This girl is fine. I thought The trouser she had on was a jean and tight fitting and it gave the promise of a fine behind from the front. Guy, comport yourself. The escalator brought her level with the gallery floor and she stepped over and “glided” towards me, still smiling.
I smiled when she reached me. She looked me over.
“You look uglier in real life than you do in your pictures” she said. I raised an eyebrow.
“Big head”. I said.
“You so wish I was ugly. Keep dreaming.” She laughed.
“You don’t want to hug me?” I looked at her chest then told myself to comot eye and try to focus “I will hug you after the movies”. I told her, smiling like cow.
“Oya na. You just lost your chance to ever get a hug from me in your whole life”. She said, smiling back.
“Come” I told her.
“We would be late for the movie”. We walked into the pitch dark viewing room. It was a 3D movie and the place was almost empty. I picked a corner and we settled in. The movie wasn’t yet showing so we started talking. Then the movie started and we watched, whispering from time to time at something on the screen.
The girl was just freaking fun to be with jare. She go joke, I go laugh then I will throw my own jokes kwa and she would laugh. Our conversations just flowed and it was d–n easy talking to her. Halfway through the movie she leaned towards me and whispered.
“Have you ever had s*x in a cinema before?” I peered at her face in the dark.
“Nope” I replied like goat wey chop biscuit.
“Would you want to try it”. What da…, I thought. Alright. Hol up Hol up. This is starting to look like American film. Wetin she dey talk.
“Like, s*x. Right here?”. I asked (Nna, just to be sure say I heard her. Sounds can be a funny thing at times).
“Yup”. She said.
“What if someone sees us”
“Chicken” she said, then stood up and in one swift movement s——-d me. d–n, I thought, now that’s one hell of an experienced maneuver the way she had s——-d me. She bent over and kissed me. I just take the kiss without kissing her back, wondering how to act. Like mehn, the light from the screen fit go overshine come showcase the two of us join.
She kissed me again. I didn’t respond. Slowly, she reached for the front of my trousers and gave my crotch one very vicious squeeze. I grunted in pain.
“Bia, what was that for?”. I whispered heatedly
“You are not kissing me back”. She whispered… Dammit, I thought, and slowly grabbed her neck and pulled her face towards me…
To Be Continued…tomorrow