POOLEY GIRL (18+) episode 13


By Evans Aboagye Tawiah
5.00pm on the dot, I dialled Hon. Clifford
Anaba’s number. The call went through but the member of parliament didn’t answer. I tried again, he didn’t answer. When I tried one more time and he didn’t answer, I became worried. My bank account was in the red zone and the golden opportunity I had to make money was eluding me.
After five minutes, I tried again and this time, he answered.
“Hello,” a baritone voice replied from the other end.
“Hello, please am I speaking with Hon.
Clifford Anaba?” I asked nervously.
“Yes you are, who am I speaking with?”
“Sir sorry, my name is Rosy, I got your
number from Digoxy,” I replied.
“Oh my boy Digoxy? No problem. Meet me at Bazuka hotel tonight by 8pm on the dot. No african time!”
He dropped the call. The ‘MP’ didn’t give me the chance to say thank you. I felt so happy to have finally spoken to the MP and booked an appointment with him. 7pm on the dot, I was at Bazuka hotel waiting for the MP to arrive. In this business, one has got to be sharp or someone sharper would cash into your opportunity.
The MP arrived around 9.00pm at which
point I was almost giving up on whether he
would come or not. The moment he stepped in with his entourage, I walked up to him and introduced myself.
“Good evening sir, I’m Rosy the lady who
spoke with you on the phone this evening,” I introduced myself.
“Wow, are you the pretty damsel? Please
come with me,” he invited.
I walked by his side with his entourage
moping at me apparently bewildered by my guts and boldness.
“Room 331 sir,” the receptionist directed
without even waiting for the MP to place
his request.
“Digoxy get the keys!” The MP ordered
walking on. A lean fair guy went over to the receptionist and collected the keys. By that action, I knew he was the Digoxy whose name fetched me the deal. Digoxy hurried ahead of us,opened the
door and we all went in.
“I need some privacy,” the MP announced
as soon as we were inside. Digoxy and the others left immediately and shut the door.
“Show me what you’ve got,” the MP said
turning towards me.
I pulled my clothes immediately and
seductively stood naked before him.
My new rule of pay before service had to be suspended temporarily cos I didn’t want to do anything that would turn the MP off. My boobs stood gallantly pointing at the mp with two dark pointed tips. The bushy mound infront of my thighs accentuated the pleasures buried in between the hidden contours of my v-region.
“Baby you’re too wonderful!” The MP
complimented getting aroused. He took off his clothes and was soon naked
with me. He then drew me closer and started fondling my breasts. He took one tip after the other into his mouth and sucked on it hungrily. His hands wandered down to my hairy mound and soon found its way into the cleft between my thigh.
My legs wobbled as his fingers brushed past my clitoris. The MP noticed this and
carried me to the bed.
His dick was already standing at attention as I gently parted my legs for him and he plunged deeply into my wet pussy.
“You’re the best!” He exclaimed with
excitement as the soft walls of my pussy
wrapped round his dick and gripped him tight.
“Umph, ummm, mmm, Oops,” the MP
moaned as he drove me front and back.
“uuhhhhhh,” he groaned as he climaxed and started ejaculating his semen into me. He climbed down then, trying to catch his breath.
“You’re the best!” He complimented for the second time.
“You said Digoxy gave you my number right?”
“Yes,” I replied.
“How come he didn’t tell me about you?” Heasked.
My heart flew into my chest as I thought my lie was about to be exposed.
“Maybe he forgot,” I replied in a bid to
downplay his fears.
“Anyway he made a nice choice,” the MP
We did three more rounds before the MP
became exhausted and slept off. He woke up around 7 the next morning and had his bath. Then he dressed up and gathered his belongings.
“I have a flight to catch before 9am,” he
announced glancing at his watch. Then he dipped his right hand into his briefcase and brought out a cheque of five thousand cedis
“This is for you,” he said handing the cheque to me.
My eyes widened with shock and excitement as I stretched out my hand to collect the cheque. For the first time in my life, I had five thousand cedis all to myself.
“Feel free to call me anytime you need help,” the MP added walking towards the door.
“Thank you sir, I’m grateful,” I said in
“Call me anytime you want and don’t forget to make yourself available anytime your services is needed,” he said and banged the door on his way out.
I journeyed back to my hostel feeling on top of the world. I was five thousand cedis richer and had gotten a strong connection as well. The cab I entered, dropped me infront of our hostel and I alighted. My boyfriend, Dennis stood infront of my room waiting for me.
“Your number was switched off through out the night?” Dennis asked as soon as I came close.
“Yes I was reading so I switched off my
phone,” I lied.
“Is that so? Where are you coming from?”
“I went to the ATM to withdraw some money. You know we don’t have any ATM machines nearby.”
Dennis stared at me suspiciously. My
dressing was provocative and I knew Dennis had ideas running in his head.
“You went to the ATM dressed like this?” He asked, looking bewildered.
“Yes and what about it?” I snapped.
“Hmm,” he snorted.
“Let’s go inside ,” I said leading the way.
My roommate Stella was yet to come back so we had the room all to ourselves. I was very tired after the long night with the
MP but I didn’t show it. Dennis grabbed me playfully as soon as we entered inside and yanked off my clothes. There was little time for romance as my roommate could come back anytime. With one clean sweep, he lifted me off the floor and dropped me on the bed. He tore away his clothes quickly too and joined me. Then he spread my legs and drove in; moving
back and forth like a he-goat. Five minutes later, he came. We were still catching our breath and cleaning
up when my roommate came back and
knocked on the door. We hurriedly wore our clothes and opened the door for her.
Stella came in and stared at Dennis for some seconds. Then she asked angrily:
“What is this foolish boy doing here?”
“Who?” I asked to be sure she knew whom
she was talking about.
“This foolish boy,” she repeated pointing at Dennis. “This boy used me and dumped me years ago when I was still in first year.”
Dennis stared back at Stella not knowing what to say. Stella’s outburst had taken him by surprise and left him short of words.
“How dare you refer to my boyfriend as
foolish?” I snapped rising to my feet with
burning aggression.
Stella stood rooted to the exact spot where she was standing. She probably had not expected that I would react that way so my reaction shocked her to a standstill.
“You have no right whatsoever to refer to my boyfriend as foolish and in my presence for that matter,” I continued.
“Let this be the first and last time you’ll try such thing.”
“Are you really talking to me like that?” Stella asked still moping at me.
“I will talk to you like that all over again for all I care,” I replied rolling my eyes.
“Please my love let’s go,” I said grabbing
Dennis’ hand and pulling him to his feet. “Don’t mind this mother-fuck!ng bitch!”
With that Dennis and I left the room and
banged the door behind us…