Even Your Boo Get A Boo season 1 episode 15


Jaga gave me a call some hours after I had gotten home, informing me that
the repairs had been made and also showing appreciation for helping him
out. We chatted on bbm for a while and discussed some personal issues
which ended before midnight and I slept off.
As the days rolled by, i got in contact with Jenny and we became friends,
and as time went on we later got to know that we share some things in
common, like we are from the same state but different local government,
her favorite food happens to be mine and most of her likes is not different
from mine.
There was a day i gave her a phone call requesting to pay her a visit, but
she turned me down saying I shouldn’t come because she is still living with
her parents and my presence there won’t be a good idea.
I then told her to visit me instead which at first she wanted to decline but
after much pressure from me, she later accepted and I gave her my address.
She then told me day and time she will be free to come. This made me
happy and I thanked her for accepting. we then talked for a while before i
hung the call.
I woke up that fateful day which i was to expect her with my head filled with
the thoughts of Jenny.
I have grown so fond of her to the extent that I think am beginning to fall in
love with her, i just hope she feels the same.
After doing some clean up in and outside the house, i washed my teeth and
entered the bathroom to have my bath before settling down to eat my
I laid on my bed after i had finished eating with my gaze fixed on the clock
hanging on the wall, it was busy ticking slowly which got me provoked.
I stood up and went out to put on my generator since there was no light.
I began to watch some movies before i heard a knock on the door.
A little smile appeared on my face, could it be her, i asked myself.
I checked the time and saw that it was still early for her to be here by now.
“kpon kpon kpon” the sound came again. Out of curiosity i ran to the door and opened it.
Guess who i
to be continued on monday