Tear Drop” Episode 8


Elton couldn’t believe his ears, first of all, the news of the
miscarriage broke him down. Sandra never told him she was pregnant,
neither did she tell him about the gang rape.
Elton thought that Sandra was having a boyfriend who he did not know
about. However he took it lightly because he felt it was too early for
her to reveal all this to him.
But there are a lot of unanswered questions that went through his mind.
If Sandra had a boyfriend, then where is this guy all this while cos
this is the time Sandra may need him more, little did he know that she was
pregnant as a result of a gang rape.
On the other hand, she has been tested HIV positive.
As much as Elton was hurt and disappointed by the news, his love for
Sandra didn’t change a single bit.
“If I love her, she doesn’t have to be perfect. I love her” Elton said this not regarding the presence of the Doctor.
“Excuse me, are you her boyfriend? The Doctor curiously asked.
“No, Doc, she is yet to accept my proposal” He answered.
“And you still love her irrespective of her status? The Doc asked.
“Yes Doc” Elton answered.
“Wow, amazing, don’t worry, find time and come for medical advice, as
to how you can protect yourself from getting infected and still be with
her, that is if you only want to be with her.” The Doctor suggested.
“Thank you very much Doc, can I see her?” Elton requested.
“Why not, she is awake now, but please don’t break the news to her
yet.” The Doc advised. Having said this, He handed the test results to
“Thank you very much” Elton answered and quickly went to towards
Sandra’s ward.
Upon reaching her ward, Elton noticed that Sandra was in tears while
lying down. He went closer to her bed, and took her by the hand.
“Stop shedding all this tears, everything, will be fine. “He encouraged
“I know you must be disappointed about my pregnancy but…..” She
wanted to explain to her but he interrupted.
“Shush, there is more time to talk. Get well first and when you are
discharged, we can talk, by the way you must be hungry? Elton asked.
Sandra was amazed by what Elton said. Does such people exist? Is he an
Angel sent from God. She asked herself. Sandra began building
confidence in him. She became more comfortable around him.
She answered him by nodding her head.
“Awww, let me get something for you to eat” Elton quickly hurried off
leaving the test results behind.
He didn’t even realize it.Sandra noticed that her name was boldly written on it and that got her attention.
Without thinking twice about it, she took the envelope and was about
opening it.
She opened it, and saw everything. She got to know she was HIV positive.
She couldn’t hold her tears, she wept. She just has no reason to be happy, she seems to be the unlucky one.
The world which she lived in was so cruel and hash. She never wronged
anyone yet she has been tortured, hurt, maltreated, disrespected and
now she is HIV positive.
Her life expectancy just dropped. She begun hating herself for even
existing in the first place.
Those memories of taking her life filled her thoughts again. This time
around the eagerness was there.
“Whats the point of being alive now, when I am dying slowing and
nothing can save me” She thought out aloud.
If she had to commit suicide then it must be the exact place her mum
She wanted to take away her life immediately. That means she had no
option than escape from the hospital.
Suddenly the thought of Elton came into her mind. “How could he act so
nice after knowing that I was pregnant and even HIV positive?” She kept
asking herself. “Elton deserves explanation and I won’t be alive to
She took a sheet of paper and wrote how she got gang raped. She thank
Elton for being in her life and appreciated the love he had for her.
At the end of the note she wrote “I wish I could be alive, to learn to
love you”
Having written this, she quietly left the hospital without anyone
noticing. She went straight home to the exact place were her mum hanged herself.
Shortly after she left, Elton came back to find her bed empty with the
result lying on the floor and the note on bed.
He realized the mistake he had done by living the test results behind.
He took the note and read everything.
Sandra’s last words gave him a clue that she was going to commit suicide. He looked around the hospital to see if he could find her but was to no avail.
He then decided to head towards her house. He went towards his car, but
he could not find were he had placed the keys.
He started running as fast as he can to Sandra’s house.
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