Tear Drop Episode 9 final


Meanwhile Sandra has gotten her rope ready, tied it to the ceiling,
stood on a table to support her and placed the rope around her neck.
She then looked up, weeping and started praying.
“God, you have a purpose for everyone, but I guess this is my purpose.
To suffer, happiness is far from me, I can’t take it anymore.
Forgive me, for all my sins and protect Elton. He is a good man. His
heart is pure and his love is genuine. But I don’t deserve him. This ends here.”
She kicked the table beneath her leaving her with no support.
The rope strangled her neck. She was close to giving up her life until
Elton came in. He quickly grabbed her by the waist to support her.
“Sandra please don’t do this please” Elton said with tears dripping
from his eyes.
Sandra looked into his eyes and felt how she means a lot to him. She
didn’t understand him.
“Elton why, why are you caring and loving me? I don’t understand you. ”
Sandra was really weeping hard now.
That moment was so emotional. Elton climb the table and stood right
infront of Sandra.
“Do you want know the pain I will go through when you’re gone? Then let
me be the first to die, watch me do it. “Elton said this and took the
rope off Sandra’s neck and placed it on his.
Sandra suddenly fell in love with him.
“No, Don’t do it.”She said it and gave him a passionate kiss.
Sandra took the rope of his neck and looked into his eyes.
“You’re my hope. You’re my life. Am sorry for putting you through this” Sandra apologized while they got down from the table.
They both sat on the floor holding each others hands.
“I want to be with you and make you happy. “Elton said. “I truly love
“Elton, I don’t know why I should see this sacrifice before falling in
love with you. I love you too. But am sick Elton. Am HIV positive.”
Sandra uttered
Elton placed his finger on her lips to shush her.
“Humans get sick, and the fact that I can’t get intimately be involved with you does not mean I can’t be with you.
You will be my wife. We will grow old together. I will take care of you and make you happy. ” Elton said this and took out the ring which he still had it in his pocket.
He knelt before her and proposed to her.
“Sandy, will you marry me?”
“No,” Sandra replied.
You could see the look on Elton face. His heart got broken when Sandra said NO again.
However Sandra had different opinion. She felt that she should be the
one to rather ask Elton to be her husband taking into consideration the
chaste sacrifice he has to make cos of her condition.
She took the ring from him and knelt before him.
“Elton, I love you. This isn’t right. I should be the one to ask you to be with me. Will you accept me, as your wife? Sandra proposed.
Elton got touched by this.
“Yes, yes my love” He accepted it.
“Then I humbly ask you to take this ring and place it on my finger.”Sandra asked.
He took the ring back and placed it on her finger. He then took by the hand and they both hugged each other with smiling faces.
Written by Elton Nana Amoah


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