Even Your Boo Get A Boo season 1 episode 11


Sunday finally came, i knew i had to prepare for church so i swept my room and tidy up everywhere as quickly as possible so as to prevent any excuse that arises for going late. After i was done with the cleaning, i went into the bathroom to take my bath. I came out, cleaned my body and checked the time.I still had one hour left before church starts
I quickly went to my wardrobe and brought out a fancy T-shirt  with jeans, took out my sneakers from under the bed and got dressed up. I stared at the mirror and what i saw made me smile with satisfaction. Actually my reason for going to church was not to go and worship God, it was just to go and show off with my new look. *i sure say una sef dey do am, so no look me say i be bad boy*
Dear Lord, please let this day turn out Good for me, i said as i opened my door to leave the house. I stepped out of the compound and took a bike to church which was not too far from my house. *i for don trek go sef, but as this harmattan be, e go change my white sneakers to colour brown before i even reach church, so i no get choice*
On reaching my destination, i got down, paid the bike man off and entered the church. *Normally i no dey like to sidon for front row because na the faces of people wey dey there pastor dey always look, and since i no be regular church goer, e no go good if pastor sight my face*
I walked to the back row and took a seat and as church was about to start, a lot of people started rushing in. That was when this particular girl came to the row i was sitting and occupied the space next to me. *ewooo this girl fine oh* i don’t even think i have ever seen anyone as beautiful as she was in my entire life.
Church started and i couldn’t even concentrate, i was just busy thinking of how i will woo this girl after church service. I must get to know this girl, i won’t let her pass me by, i said to myself. They engage in immoral sexual activities, i heard the pastor shout aloud. I abandoned the thoughts and focused on what the pastor was talking about. Lo and behold, the topic was DATING.
To be continued