Tear drop" episode 5


“I can explain,I can explain, he raped me” Sandra continued.
“Lady, explain to the police when they get here” The Hotel attendant
He then locked Sandra in the room with Robert`s dead body and went
ahead with the police.
Sandra’s problems just kept piling up. The more she lived the more mess
and misfortune came upon her.
Her life is now a complete disaster. She is now a suspected murderer.
Society was cruel to her. The victim-Now a murderer.
Before she could think of how to explain herself or even escape, she
heard the siren of the police.
Her legs begun wobbling,
Her heart beat was unusual.
The Hotel attendant opened the door accompanied by four police men. As
soon as they entered they quickly handcuffed her.
Before she could utter a word, the police cautioned her with their
usual caution statement
“You have the right to remain silent or everything you say will be used
against you in the court of law”
They took her away and also convened Roberts body to the police morgue
for further autopsy.
They exam the room for any substance that could be used as an evidence.
Fortunately they came across the broken recorder and took it along.
Sandra was kept in jail for 48hrs before they could take her to the
At this moment, she had lost all hope and has given up in life.
She had no lawyer, no relative, no witness. It was just her. How will
she come out of this mess.
The first day of the hearing begun.
To be continued.
Mr Pobs