Estranged Episode 6


There were many things which made Ana love her husband deeply. One of which was the fact that her husband loved the Lord. She loved submitting to him and seeing him as her spiritual head.

Every morning and evening, Rick would lead them pray together and study scripture. It was the paramount thing that kept them bonded. They knew that it took the grace of God to make any marriage work, and not riches or romance.

It was a holiday, and as usual the couple had some time fellowshipping with the Lord in the morning. Afterwards Ana went on to attend to some morning duties in the home. She got back to the bedroom from the kitchen later to realize that her husband had gone back to sleep again.

“Ricky… It’s past 7am” she said as she tapped him gently to wake him up.

“Mmmhhhh…. And it’s a holiday” he said with a sleepy voice as he covered himself more with the cover sheet.

“C’mon…. I told you yesterday that I’d have to go to the office this morning, but I’m too tired to drive. Please I need you to drive me to the office” Ana requested.

He opened his eyes slightly to look at her as if to say “Aw Ana not today.”

“Aw honey bunch…. Please? Just drop me off okay?” She requested.

“Hmm….you really know I would love to Ana… You really know… But I’m honestly tired …Sweetheart… Let me get a taxi for you okay? Okay?”

Ana wasn’t happy with that. “Yes I know I can get a taxi… but… But I want you to take me… I don’t feel like going with a taxi today… It’s just a feeling like I shouldn’t take a taxi today”

“Hahaha. You only want to feel pampered Ana…”

“Well… Yea… I’m your Queen right?”

“Of course you are! The Queen of my heart. But hey… Please bear with me okay? I’m honestly tired… C’mon you’ll be fine… I’ll make sure you get a good taxi.”

After much persuasion he finally got his wife to agree to go with a taxi. Ana got his breakfast ready. Afterwards, Rick went to see her off after saying a word of prayer with her.

“Let me know when you get to the office, okay?”

“Okay….I’ll let you know” she said with a smile. He got a taxi for her and then went back to the house.

After about 30 minutes, whiles he was having his breakfast, his phone started to ring. He smiled when he saw his wife’s contact photo on the screen. “I guess she’s gotten to work now” he said to himself as he picked the call.

[Rick on phone]
“My girl……Uhm hello? Okay….this is Rick. Yes! This’ my wife’s contact… Yes… Who’s this? Yes! Who may this…?Hello? What?”