Estranged Episode 7


Getting to the unit he introduced himself to the nurse on duty, who took him to meet the doctors who were attending to Ana. He looked at his wife and tears dripped from his eyes. He looked at the monitors and the tubes in her mouth and her nose and he got more scared. The team just reassured him. Going to stand by her bed he prayed saying,

” Father… Please don’t take my wife away! Please don’t ”

But days passed, and Ana was still unconscious. Rick however continued to pray and remained hopeful. He never failed to take flowers to her bedside every day. And all the nurses at the unit soon got to know Rick.

“Please…. Please don’t hesitate to let me know as soon as possible when she begins to get responsive and opens her eyes” he’d say to the nurses.

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One day, one of the nurses on duty was attending to Ana. Although she knew that Ana was unconscious, she still sought for her consent before giving her the injection by speaking with her. And immediately after she gave her the injection, Ana made a sound.

“Wow. She’s responsive to pain” the nurse thought. The nurse was happy with that since that was a positive sign. After administering the drug she went ahead to assess for her level of consciousness again.

The doctor on duty was called on to assess Ana. And later in the day Ana opened her eyes. Rick was informed of this progress as well as Ana’s progress for subsequent days.

Soon she was able to open her eyes and utter words.

“Where am I?”

“Wow! Ana… don’t worry you’re in safe hands. You’re in a hospital” one of the nurses on duty said to her.

“Hospital?” Looking all confused.

To be continued