Estranged Episode 5


“O Rick! Must I tell him this one too? Ah he should know! He should know that every woman likes affection and romance!”

“No Yaa, not every man knows that! At times you can find a really good and responsible man but he may find it difficult to show affection and romance. Not because he doesn’t want to, but probably because he doesn’t know that he has to, or he doesn’t even know how to!” Ana added.

“Oh Ana! You probably won’t understand me because Rick, I guess has always shown you romantic gestures!”

“No Yaa! You’re wrong about that!” Rick said to his sister. “There were a lot of things that I didn’t know as well. It was Ana who helped me to know!”
Yaa was surprised to hear that.

“Exactly girlfriend! It’s all about communication: expressing your needs or expectations to your significant other! You might choose to keep quiet over such things in hope that your spouse would figure it out, but mostly your man may not be able to figure it out. It will only leave you frustrated and make you think that your man doesn’t care.” Ana said.

“And you can solve this problem not by whining or nagging, but by communicating. Let him know what you want and expect from him as your husband in a friendly atmosphere coupled with prayer. You’d find him opening up to you and taking your suggestions too!” Rick added.

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Yaa realized that her brother and his wife were sharing words of wisdom.

“And that’s how Ana and I deal with our situations, Yaa!” Rick said. “I’ve come to learn a lot about her and how she expects her needs to be met. I’ve come to appreciate the things which to me seem trivial, but then to Ana may be very important!”

“Oh I see!” Yaa exclaimed. She felt like her problem had been addressed. She wondered why it never occurred to her to communicate her romance needs and expectations to her husband. She felt much relieved and thanked them for the counsel.

Ana and Rick felt glad as well that they were able to help.

“Alright since this is settled, would you like to choose a TV channel for us to watch now then?” Rick said to his sister.

“Of course bro! I’ll choose a channel now!” she said as she winked at Ana. “I choose the channel that girlfriend would like to watch.”

“Yay! I won! I won!” Ana jumped in excitement and grabbed the TV remote control from the table.

“Hmm! And I was thinking to myself that blood will always be thicker than water!” Rick heaved as the two ladies laughed at him.

To be continued