Estranged Episode 4


“Yaa! What is it? Talk to me!” Rick said to his sister with his chin in his hands. Ana wrapped her arm around his in silence. She wondered if everything was okay with her sister-in-law.

“It’s nothing bro! I mean… it’s something!” Yaa began to say as she frowned.

“Oh my husband is unromantic, bro! He’s so unromantic! No cute love notes! No flowers! No cakes! No dates! Nothing!”

Then there was an awkward pause. Somehow Yaa was expecting her brother or his wife to say something. Oh you guys say something eh!”

“Uhm, Yaa, is that all? Is that it? I thought you were going to say more!” Rick said with Yaa looking disappointed. “Oh no c’mon Yaa! I really get you, I just thought that you had more to say!”

“That’s all! I mean… I like everything else about him o! He’s caring and responsible, but… Hmm!”

“Girlfriend…. But what?” Ana asked her.

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“Oh! See o! He doesn’t know how to be romantic! At all! The first time I lighted candles for dinner do you know what my husband asked me? He asked me whether I was anticipating a blackout! Girlfriend can you believe that? My husband virtually went for a lamp and said that candles aren’t safe to use! He just blew it off and lighted the lamp on the dining table instead. Can you imagine?” Yaa lamented.

“I’ve just been looking at the two of you, and it’s really romantic!”

Rick and Ana continued to listen to her attentively. To them that wasn’t any problem, but Yaa on the contrary looked blue.

“Yaa, see I’m sure this can be solved, okay? Have you talked to him about this? Have you let your husband know your romantic expectations?”

“O Rick! Must I tell him this one too? Ah he should know!”

To be continued