Estranged Episode 3


Yaa felt amused by how her elder brother and his wife were running after each other in the house like kids just over a TV remote control. She wondered if that was how they entertained their guests, or if it was because she was someone close.

“Hmm. It’s actually nice!” she thought to herself as her eyes steadily followed the two love birds. “Next time I will have to come along with my husband! He really has a lot to learn! Just look at how my brother is with his wife” she continued to think to herself as she sipped the drink offered her by Ana.

When the two finally settled on the couch realizing that they were lost in their romance and had ignored Yaa, Ana said,

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“Alright! Alright Rick it’s gonna be fair play now! Since I want to watch my TV Series and you also want to watch Basketball we’re gonna choose a neutral channel then! And Yaa is going to choose that! Fair deal?” she said with a wink.

“O sure! Fair deal!” said Rick.

Yaa gulped her drink when she realized that her brother and his wife were waiting for a response as they smiled at her.

“Oh…Really? You… want me to choose a channel for you? Ooohhh…. Alright… I guess you have a channel to watch already then…You can watch me!” she said.

The couple started to laugh.

“Oh they think I’m joking!” she thought to herself. “I’m serious bro! Girlfriend, I really am serious!” she said to Rick and to Ana.

They realized that Yaa was serious. Ana just handed over the remote control to Rick who put it on the center table. The couple then fixed their eyes attentively on Yaa.

To be continued