Estranged Episode 2


Rick was getting scared and confused. After setting the table he quickly grabbed his car keys and drove off to the bus terminal. When he got there he got to know that Ana’s bus had safely arrived about 20 minutes ago and all the passengers had left. He looked around and couldn’t find his wife. He tried reaching her again but her phone was still off.

‘Ana isn’t here… My God! Where could she be?” He wondered. “I’m not even sure if she’s got her keys to the house.”

Rick decided then to get back home, thinking that his wife’s phone probably had a low battery and had taken a taxi home. He quickly drove back to the house.

When he got inside their home, he got frightened by what he saw. He realized that the table he had set had been visited.

“Ana… Are you here?” He shouted, but there was no trace of Ana.

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He suddenly began to hear some scary sound which startled him. “What was that? Ana Bae… is that you?” Then there was silence.

Rick removed his slippers and started tip toeing to trace the sound. He stopped and smiled when he saw the shadow of a feminine figure behind one of the doors. He shook his head and felt amused by how playful his wife could be.

Passing behind quietly using another route, he quickly grabbed his wife by the waist. “Got ya’ intruder! Hahaha! “He quickly carried her off, and Ana couldn’t stop laughing

“Hahaaha. How did you find me?”

“Next time tell your shadow not to betray you!” her husband said to her.

“Haha! You were supposed to be scared for long” she said trying to free herself from his grip.

“As if what you did wasn’t enough huh?” he said as he whirled her round. “Don’t get me that scared again!”

“Hahaaha! I will! And I’ll even record it and even show to our children someday!” She playfully dared him

“O no you won’t do that” said Rick.

“I will Honey Bunch!”

“Oh we both know how scared someone can get should the lights go off now. I could just turn off the lights and we’ll see how scared you’ll be,” he teased her.

“Hahaha. I’ll just cling to you and won’t let go of you” she said with a wink.

Rick just smiled. He put her down and hugged her tight. “Welcome home dear! I really thought that something might have happened to you when I went to the bus terminal and didn’t find you there! Don’t get me this scared again, ok?”

Ana just smiled and rested her head on her husband’s chest.

To be continued