Estranged Episode 1


Rick could just not stop laughing. He knew that Ana could be naughty, but he never really thought that his wife would take a picture of the man sitting next to her on the bus, who had his nostrils flared out like a trumpet and was dozing off on his wife.

“Hahaaha. Ana you didn’t just do that!” he texted.

“Lol. Honey Bunch I guess you understand now what I was talking about. He’s snoring too. You can imagine this man trying to woo me earlier!” Ana texted back.

Though Rick was engrossed in the text chat he was having with his wife, he still managed to take quick glances through the recipe book just to be sure he was on the right track with the surprise dinner he was trying to fix for his wife.

“Tell him to back off, and that you’re mine! For better; for worse! “Rick texted.

“Haha I know right…For better; for worse! I did exactly that Honey Bunch. I think it was the shock of it that induced his sleep. I’ve been jolting him and he doesn’t even feel a thing. He’s in some deep sleep o” Ana texted, and Rick burst into uncontrollable laughter.

“Hahaaha… Bae you better find someone to swap seats with before he wakes up to tell you that you’re the bone of his bones” he texted.

“Haha. Rick that’s funny.”

The two enjoyed their text chat for a while. Then Ana texted, “Hey I can’t wait to get home… Where are you at the moment?”

“I can’t wait to see you my love” Rick texted back.

And since he was preparing a surprise dinner he didn’t want to let his wife know that he was in the kitchen. He was expecting her to arrive at the bus terminal in about 3 hours’ time, then he’d leave the house to pick her up.

“Where am I? Mmmmhhhh guess!” He texted again.

“Lol I’m being tempted to have a wild guess” Ana texted.

“Haha. Bae I’d so love that! Just give it a try!” he replied

“Aw Honey Bunch tell me” she texted
Rick just smiled and sent a ‘tongue sticking out’ emoji.

After a while Ana was showing offline. He knew that could probably be due to the network. He patiently waited then to see what his wife’s guess would be.

He quickly flipped to the part of the recipe book that taught about garnishing meals.
“Uh what’s all this? Where do I start from? This lengthy thing for just garnishing? Ooh man!”

He went to check his phone again to see if Ana had texted back. But she hadn’t.

20 minutes passed and Ana was still showing offline. He was wondering if she was OK, and so he decided to call but her phone was off.

“Could her battery be low?” He wondered.

1 hour
1 hour and 30 minutes passed, and he hadn’t heard from his wife.

To be continue soon