The Game Of Love And Obsession Final Episode


“What is happening here!? So this is your solution to the problem? I see,” said Jesse as he walked away in anger. Jesse had come to check on Sandra to explain things better to her only to find her in the arms of his rival. He couldn’t stand the sight of what he was seeing. Sandra quickly left Desmond and ran after Jesse. Jesse was so brokenhearted that he didn’t have the emotional stamina to stand and listen to her. Relentless Sandra continued to follow him. She implored him to listen to her, but Jesse would have none of it.

Newman drove Theodora to the house. He asked his boys to drag Theodora out of the car into the house.

“Tie her to that chair!” Newman instructed his guys and they tied Theodora to a chair in the hall. “You have made me very angry, Theodora. I never wanted to hurt you, but you have destroyed my name by your foolish act. Now, I can’t go back to the village because people will be pointing fingers at me. I can kill you here you know and no one will hear of it. I can make your death seem like an accident. But I am giving you a second chance to redeem yourself. I know how stupid you are. You couldn’t have had the courage to inform your parents about my activities, except you had help from someone. Now, I want you to name the person whom you discussed my issues with. I will not hurt you if you do this simple thing,” said Newman.

Theodora knew giving Jesse’s name could put him in trouble. She knew Newman will hurt or kill Jesse. She decided not to give any name to Newman.

“Newman you are hurting me. There is no one involved in this. I couldn’t take all the treatments you were giving me in this house. You were more attached to your dog than me. How do you expect me to feel normal. I got fed up with the situation and had to tell someone. I was going crazy. I had to seek help from someone,” Theodora explained.

“And that someone was?” Newman asked.

“My mother of course,” Theodora explained.

Newman was becoming convinced by what Theodora said. But, he wasn’t going to let her go without any punishment.

“I have to punish you for what you have done. What were you thinking!? You thought the police could help you? Never!! I am going to lock you in the storage room for four days without food or water. You will behave when you come out. You will take my threats more seriously when I am through with you,” said Newman and instructed his boys to take Theodora to the storage room. He seized her phone so she won’t be able to receive any calls.

He began to fidget with the phone trying. He wanted to know if her wife was contacting anyone. He searched her call log and messages . In the process of doing that, he came across a certain message that caught his attention. He realized that the person who sent the message was trying to comfort his wife. He continued to read the message and other messages his wife had sent to the same number. It was there he saw the complaint his wife made to the said number. The name of the contact was Jesse.

Newman immediately asked his boys to get Theodora . They obeyed and brought her from the storage room.

“Who is, Jesse!!?” Jesse asked angrily when they brought Theodora. Theodora was shocked and afraid at the same time. She knew Newman had found out the truth. “I am asking you a question, woman!!” Newman exclaimed. She trembled and looked confused. “So this is the foolish guy you are cheating on me with!!? You discuss everything that happens between us with him!” Newman exclaimed.

“No! I am not having an affair with him,” Theodora responded finally.

“I see! So you are acknowledging you know him!! Where can I find him!?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” answered Theodora. Newman became angry on hearing that.

“I am giving you 30 seconds to give his name or I will torture you. You think I can’t kill you? You will be making a mistake if you are thinking like that. Because I will hurt you real bad if you don’t give me his name. No man will ever look at you twice if I descend on you,” Newman threatened.

“Why are you so mean, Newman? You always treat me like an animal! I am your wife for God’s sake!! Your lawfully wedded wife!! “ Theodora blurted out.

A dirty slap landed on her face immediately she finished her statement that she toppled over. Theodora sprawled on the floor in pain and tears.

“The name!!” he requested again. He picked her from the floor and landed a severe punch on her face. He lost control and began to kick her on the floor. Theodora screamed in pain. She begged Newman to stop, but he wouldn’t. She couldn’t take the pain any longer. She had to give the name.

“I will tell you!! Please stop, I will tell you!!” Theodora screamed out these words. Newman immediately stopped abusing her.

“Yes, I am listening to you, “ said Newman.

“His name is Jesse,” Theodora answered. Newman gave the phone to her.

“Show me his picture!” Newman demanded. Theodora took the phone and showed Newman Jesse’s picture.

“Isn’t this the guy I saw you with when I was coming to pick you today with the guys!? “ Newman asked. Theodora nodded in response. “I see! Take this pen and paper and write his address. Theodora now trembling violently took the pen and paper and wrote down Jesse’s house address. Newman instructed his boys to take Theodora back to the storage room and tie her up.

Theodora pleaded with Newman to allow her go. She also pleaded with him not to hurt Jesse. Newman watched her as she was carried away by his boys.

“Let us go and deal with this b******!!” Newman said to his boys when they came back. Newman drove them en route to Jesse’s house.


Sandra had followed Jesse to the house since he wasn’t listening to her. She kept on pleading for Jesse to give her attention, but he wouldn’t .He was so hurt that he didn’t want to talk. He went to sit in the sofa when he got to the house. Sandra sat beside him still trying to get his attention.

“Jesse, please listen to me. Please look at me. It is not as you think,” said Sandra. Jesse squinted at her for a while when she made this statement, but didn’t say anything.

Sandra thought she had had enough of the silence. She decided to say everything she wanted to say whether she had his attention or not

“Jesse, I was hurt when your ex-girlfriend came into our office to do what she did. I needed to go home and decompress. That was why I called Desmond to come pick me with his car. I was crying in the car and he asked what the problem was. I told him and he even advised me not to jump to conclusion. He was on your side, Jesse!! He convinced me not to destroy our relationship. I was still crying when I got to the house and that was why you saw what you saw. He was telling me that everything will be okay and that I shouldn’t worry. There is nothing going on between us, Jesse. I can assure you that. It is true we dated before, but I ended things with him because of you,” Sandra explained.

Jesse squinted at her again, but didn’t say anything. Sandra was once again ignored. She was beginning to feel irritated by Jesse’s attitude. Why wouldn’t he even say a word after all her explanation? She had told him everything and he wouldn’t even say a word. She got angry and stormed out of the house. Jesse didn’t do anything to restrain her from leaving. He just laid in the Sofa and began to cry.

While he was crying he heard footsteps. He assume it was Sandra and ignored it. He heard the footsteps again and realized they weren’t the footsteps of one person. He decided to check it out. He was surprised to see the guys that chased him earlier in his house. He quickly went to lock his door and fled to hide. Newman and his boys tried to open the door when they got there, but realized it was locked. One of the guys took a master key and opened the door. They realized the house was empty when they got inside. Newman asked them to spread out and search the house for Jesse. He ordered them to shoot on sight if they found him.

The guys checked the house, but still couldn’t find Jesse. They just assumed he might not be in the house. Newman decided to go and come back later with them. They were almost at the entrance of the house when they heard a phone ringing. The sound was coming from the house. They were now sure there was someone in the house.

They went back into the house to continue their search. They realized that Jesse had seen them and was hiding in the house. They decided to do a thorough search this time around until they find him. They searched the whole house, but they couldn’t see Jesse. One of the guys decided to check the wardrobe in the bedroom. Actually, that was where Jesse was hiding.

Jesse was peeping through a small hole in the wardrobe and saw the guy approaching. He was getting closer and his heart was pounding in his chest. He knew the guy was coming straight to open the wardrobe. He knew he would be killed if he was seen. He began to sweet profusely and suddenly felt like using the toilet. As soon as the guy got his hands on the knob of the wardrobe, there was a loud gunshot noise. The guy immediately left the knob and ran out of the room.

Jesse was confused. He didn’t know where the sound came from. He waited for a while to be sure no one was in the house before he came out. He walked cautiously and silently to the hall and there he saw an unimaginable thing. Sandra was lying in a pool of blood. She had been shot in the head. Jesse froze immediately he saw her. His mouth was wide opened. He later got control of himself and rushed in tears to Sandra.

He shook her violently, but she was already dead. He quickly picked her from the floor and went out with her. He looked for a taxi and took her to the hospital. Sandra was confirmed dead on arrival and the matter was reported to the police. Jesse was shattered. He didn’t know what to do. The girl he loved had been murdered in cold blood. He didn’t even get the chance to tell her he loved her. She died with the knowledge that he didn’t care and love her. Nothing could console him.

Present Day

Jesse cried while lying on the seashore. He knew there was no replacement for Sandra. He felt like taking his life, but it seemed death didn’t want him. How could he live without Sandra. Although Newman and his boys were arrested later, that couldn’t solve his problem. There was no way Sandra could be brought back to life . He had allowed the brokenness of his past relationships to destroy the beautiful relationship he had with Sandra.

Only if he had listened to Sandra, she wouldn’t have been dead. It was out of frustration Sandra left her phone in his house the night the dark incident occurred. She might have realized she left her phone and was coming back for it when she met her untimely death. It was her phone that rung to get the attention of the gunmen who were already on their way out. Jesse stood up still sobbing. He ambled from the seashore. He wailed and said Sandra’s name severally as he went.


Story By Lewis Dampson