Endless Tears Season 39


Amara smiled at him,
he was really helping her forget her pains and she was glad to.have him there, she might have not been able to handle it if she had come in alone. Lisa couldn’t not came and spoil her years of hard work,I will not allow this someone must pay for this she said out loud. she turned away From the store instantly unable to bear the sight again. I would check my office Toby pls check the conference room. she said walking into her office, she opened the door and breathed down. every thing was as it was before she walked in looking around not wanting to be careless, for the first time she noticed that the air condition was on and her heartbeat increased. didn’t she put it off before leaving? she wondered as different thought came into her head, she went to the toilet door with her heart in her mouth. she opened it slowly, and heaved a sign when she found it empty, she walked back to her chair bending down under.
Amara shirked and jumped out, her breathing came out in gaps as she tried to regulate it, why did she allow this to get much of her, Lisa had no made her jumpy.
kelvins face showed anger and tiredness, I told u not to do any thing Amara, he bit out angrily.
Amara raised her head, what right do u have to give me instruction kelvin, this is my company and …
you could have been hurt Amara , kelvin cut in angrily, someone could have hurt u in here. you can’t just put ur self in risk like this, he said and ran his hand around his head. if u can’t do what I asked you y did u call.me in place?
I have been asking my self the same thing amara said, I will not be scared entering my own company because of lisa.
what if it not Lisa uhn?
what if it another person?
Amara looked at Kelvin’s angry face as her mouth felt dry, she didn’t want to consider the fact she had another person to deal with, it was bad enough if she knew who was after her. that would be a compete disaster, it would be only Lisa she said trying to convince her self and kelvin as well, by the way what’s ur problem here anyways, am the one at risk here not you.
don’t you get it he barkesrmsd matching towards her, grabbing her by her arms and dragging her to his chest. amara gagps,
I would rather get hurt a thousand times than seeing u hurt again he said with a clenching teeth. kelvin was bolling with rage and feeling her little body served him to feed his anger. but then he wasn’t angry with her,t he was angry with him self, for wanting what he couldn’t have, he groaned, in the unavoidable temptation, he lowered his head and covered her lips with his, this was a mistake, a big mistake his mind kept telling him, hbut that wasn’t enough to stop him instead he pulled her tighter to him self and kissed her passionately he had been dreaming of doing it for a long time, he had been dreaming of holding her in His arms and kiss her endlessly. he took her mouth hungrily feeling it with all the love he had kept bottled up, forgotten everything that might bring them apart , only wanting to this precious moment. Amara melted in his hand as he h deepened the kiss. amara hands travelled to his neck.
the voice rang out loud and clear
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