Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 38


Amara looked at her phone as her eyes watered, why had she called. Kelvin in the first place, if she had know he would shout on her instead of encouraging her like she badly needed. she would never call him again, she tried remembering the last time he shouted at her and she couldn’t remember. but as much she wanted to dwell on that, she had a bigger problem at hand and she couldn’t be seen hanging on a mans shoulder when her staff were looking on her for direction, if kelvin arrived, then it his business, but she would be seen in responsible if she really stayed with her staff standing out side, the people in the environment would know that something is wrong.
she squared her shoulder and walked towards her murmuring staff, as they saw her they kept quiet, OK guys I will go into the offices and check then we all go in.
but the security men had already done that.
yea ma’am one of the security said, we checked every thing except ur office which was locked.
Amara nodded and looked at the two security men who stood among the staff and she felt she couldn’t trust them, how can she have two security and someone broke into the company and destroyed everything, she had her questions and doubt but that can wait, first she had to get her staff in first, I know that, but still I need to go and inspect, to ensure ur safety.
Am going in with you, Toby said as she made to leave.
No Toby.
I can’t alone you boss to go.in alone, if u must go I am going in with you.
Amara smiled at him, thanks Toby, she said gracefully and walked into the building, with Toby walking beside her firmly.

Toby opened the door and walked ahead of amara . Amara walked in with caution behind him as she cleaned her eyes looking at her company looking upside down, tables and books where thrown in different places and water were everywhere. Lisa had over stepped her boundary, but how do u deal with someone her whereabouts is unknown to you. amara clenched her fist angrily by her side, as Toby touched her arms.
It OK boss, we will have it all fixed the way it was before”
Amara nodded her head, walking ahead she fears what she would see if she opened the door holding her supplies, and she avoided the room going into her office instead, but she changed her mind and opened the door and found out all her supplies had been destroyed and she started crying all over again, she thought her staff where joking when they said that, but they were destroyed beyond redemption. Toby touched her again,
boss will would salvage what we can together