Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 37


Kelvin head pounded again, because of too much thinking he entered his room as his phone rang he picked it up, Hey he said,
where are you man?
kelvin signed as the voice of his second in command rang in his ears making his head ache. home , he answered adeolu.
home? are you forgotten u have meeting with matin and son?
Adeolu asked .
kelvin robbed his free hand around his head and signed, wow’ I can’t believe I forgot.
I can believe that actually, adeolu said surprised.
kelvin signed again because that is the only thing he could do, just handle it alright , I will be coming to the office late. his phone peep and he removed it from his ear to check the caller, his face changed instantly because he knew somthing is wrong. I will talk to u later deolu he ended the call before deolu could respond. and answered the incoming call,
Ara he said instantly,
Ara p is in disarray kelvin, I haven’t gone in yet I and my staff are just standing out side. my company is upside down because of Lisa.
Oh, he breathed he never knew that Lisa would strike do fast, and he had been wrong again just like he had been wrong over many things about his life. calm down sweetheart he said.
How can you tell me to calm down kelvin? Lisa is playing with my life, this is my company: MY COMPANY , she shouted again. I am sick and tired of all this people that won’t let me be kelvin, she cried. what did I ever do to them? I won’t take this, I will personally send Lisa to hell.
please calm down sweetheart, am coming over he said and summoning enough courage and went to his ward robe, pls don’t do any thing till I get there.
Don’t do anything, how can you say that when it my company that is in big mess right now , not yours how can u except me to stand and do nothing?
would you just what I said he shouted in frustration, the lack of sleep and tiredness was now having effect on him, and the thought of her going inside unprotected made him feel sick. don’t just do anything until I get there he said hanging up the phone, forgotten he needed a bath, he just brush his teeth washed his face changed his clothes and left his house hurriedly.
Amara looked at her phone as tears clouded her eyes. why did she call Kelvin in the first place, if she had known he would shout at her instead of trying to encourage her like she badly needed now, she vowed never to call him again and she tried to remember when kelvin had ever shouted at her but she couldn’t remember, but as much as he dwell on that she had a bigger problem to face and she shouldn’t be seen hanging on a mans shoulder when her staff where looking up on her, if kelvin arrived it none of her business. she shouldn’t be seen as an irresponsible person if she stayed with her staff out side and the people walking will descover that something is wrong.
she lefted her shoulder walking toward her staff who where murmuring, but as they saw her they kept quiet, OK guys, I would go in first and check the offices then we can all go in.
But… the security men already did that.
yes ma’ am one of them said, we have checked every where except ur office which was locked.
Amara nodded looking at the two security men who stood among them and somehow she felt she couldn’t trust them. how can someone broke into the company with two security men in ground? she still had her questions and doubt . but that can wait, but first she had to get her staff in, am going to inspect it is my duty to ensure ur safety.
am going in with you, Toby said when she wanted to go in.
No’ Toby.
I can’t let you go in alone boss, if u must go inside I will go with u.
Amara smiled at him, thanks Toby she said and they both walked in, Toby opened the door and walked ahead of her with amara walking behind him, she cleaned her eyes as she looked atvtge state of get company, tables where turned upside down documents scattered everywhere and water where on the ground, Lisa had over stepped her boundary, but how can she deal with someone her whereabouts his unknown, Amara cliché her fist angrily as toby touched her arm.
it okay boss, we would have it all work fixed and it will be the way it was before.
Amara gave Toby a watering smile, he was helping her forget her pains and she was glad to have him there, she might not couldn’t have handlhim it if she had entered in alone, Lisa can not just come and destroy all her hard, someone must pay for this!!!
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