Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 36


Kelvin robbed his tired eyes laying on his back , he had been in that position since he left Amara’s house the previous night. every thing she had said kept ringing in his head, throwing him to a restless state, he had ended looking at the white ceiling thru out the night, he couldn’t detect what troubled him the most, he was troubled on several issue that he couldn’t being to analyse them. Lisa threat didn’t trouble him much because he had instantly made some calls to that effect immediately he left her place, and knowing fully well that Lisa would be captured soon, he didn’t dwell much on that, kelvin signed again and closed his eyes for a few seconds, but if that was the only thing he was worried about he would have slept. there was the Alex issue that kept him awake,Kelvin signed again and got out of the chair with is body protesting, he couldn’t believe that Alex had showed up again. wouldn’t him just leave her alone? it looks like Alex was on set to make Amara’s life unbearable. well, he would have to go thru me, he thought, gritting his teeth the way he had been doing thru out the night.
he said we are not siblings…”
kelvin made for the bathroom to wash hi pale face, Amara words kept ringing in his head again, he couldn’t get that information off his head, it seems like the most confusing thing so far. that can not be. they are definitely siblings! kelvin grimed out his reflexion on the mirror, Mrs bello confessed it right? she couldn’t have known they are not siblings and kept it hidden right? and what if they are?, he almost laughed at his own misery. if they are not really siblings Alex would take advantage of that, and get her back and knowing fully well that he his married wouldn’t stop him, he couldn’t boldly say if Amara had gotten over Alex, he his her first love after all, and where would that put him, at the bottom of the book right,? his brain screamed against him, he had no right to begin to wish for anything. he should be glad that Amara had started seeing another man, he should get used to it, he shouldn’t have stay awake all night thinking who the man was, he was stupid enough to entertained hope of Amara having feelings for him. he had done something to her that he his scared she would over look and forgive him. he knew if he was in her shoe he wouldn’t forgive her.