Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 35


Amara teared the note in anger, no i will not let this spoil my day she said and entered a taxi. on getting there she found her workers all standing out side, they were all taking with frown registered on their faces, they noticed her presence and turned to look at her, what going on here she asked,
every thing here has been destroyed someone said.
someone broke into the company, it might be a burglary but nothing is missing.
Amara could not keep up with the endless voices heating her head.she noticed taga moving towards her with her other stuff, Amara pulled her aside, what is going on here she questioned her.
I tired calling but ur phone was off after the first ring boss she said with a worried look on her face, every thing is upside down documents are shattered every where, most of it all our supplies had been destroyed, including the flowers and material we brought two days ago for Bracket project, they are all in piece, Amara mouth opened, she couldn’t get any word out of her mouth, this can not be happening I think there is a competitor we should inform the police, she said looking around in anger.
Taga voice faded as Amara stared unseen, her ached doubled, her head was about breaking into two as she dropped her bag on the floor and shouted Lisa.
Taga held Amara trying to keep her clam as others came running toward them, hoping to offer their support one way or the other. it will be fine taga said and all the staff member all did the same thing, let call the police and..
Amara shouted no, slowing cutting down her pains that would be suicides all our costumers would feel unsaved and will will scare them if the police get involved let see if there is any thing we can salvage .
everything is destroyed some said.
I would just make a few call then we all go in. she said and moved away from her staff, taga followed her doing making sure she was ok. Amara stroll all her constant looking for kelvins number as she started crying, boss we will get over this taga said, she dialed the number countless time crying.
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