Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 34


Amara was equally shocked to think he might be lying, he didn’t come to apologize it seems he want something from me. she laughed_, he thinks am a fool. what I don’t understand is when he said he just found out his face carried so much pain, but it seems true, it might be one of his plans. nothing from him has ever ended up to be true. he his full of lies.
Kevin ran his hand over his hair, with surprise look on his face, this can’t be, it can’t be possible. he said trying to reassure them both.
I think so too.
kelvins veins were out showing he was angry, you must be hungry he said, trying to change the subject.
Amara smiled, am not, I went on a date with someone and am already feed up..
His jaw tightened as he gritted his teeth. I see he said drly.
Amara would have told him that the dinner companion was just a friend, but she was just busy enjoying Kelvin jealous face. pay back is always enjoyable, she wondered what her neighbor may have whispered to him. she would remove her tongue before asking him, every thing is OK kelvin u can now go back it getting late.
Right ” he said as his eyes left hers roaming around as if he was searching for somthing. are u sure u can stay here all by ur self, you can come with me to my own apartment if u are uncomfortable.
Amara laughed, am not a puppet, I can sleep perfectly well if it Lisa I cannot give her the satisfaction she wants. I will be fine don’t worry about me.
Kelvin nodded, not paying fully attention. if something comes up cal me.
yes sir she said.
kelvin said OK and started moving come and lock the door he said.
thanks for coming for my aid amara said, making sure she put a distance between them.
remember to call.
kelvin brought down his hand wanting to touch her but changed his mind, lik up he said and starting going Amara didn’t live the door until she heard the sound of ls his car, she went back into the sitting room looking scared despite she looked claim.
Amara woke up, she didn’t check the time but she knew she woke up late, her eyes were heavy due to lack of sleep. she had woken up twice with nightmare, and she wondered why a note with three word was enough to send her into a state of panic. I should have taking kelvins offer she thought. if she had taking his offer she wouldn’t have had this nightmares. she brushed her hands thru her eyes to keep them open, she stood up from the bed her body aching due to rolling all thru the night, she was about going to bath but her phone rang, she checked the caller and it was taga, u don’t have to tell me am late I already know that she murmured to the ringing phone and cut the call, switching off the phone instantly her head was already pounding, she didn’t need taga to add to it.
Amara stepped out of her house trying to feel more happy about the day, despite the pounding of her head and her aching body. as she locked her door turning to look at her car her happiness turned to sadness, she looked at the tires of her cars all deflated in horror, she walked around her car and discovered that the four tires are all affected. her heart beat increased and her head pounded the more, she saw a book on the car and it read ENJOY UR DAY!!!.
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