Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 40


Am sorry I didn’t know Toby said with agitation, as he made to retreat.
embarrassment flooded amara’s cheek as she turned around. Kelvin just stared at Toby and wondered why he didn’t close the door, as Amara looked around her eyes caught something on the chair, what is Tina’s bag doing here? she asked ”
kelvin still trying to keep his gaze straight followed her gaze until his eyes fell on it. thought u said u do business together? she might have forgotten it here he said frowning.
yes, but the problem is that I have not seen her for few days she said as she walked towards the bag and lifted it up, now that she thought about it she hadn’t contacted her for some time now, and it was strange” I haven’t seen or heard from here for several days now. what does this mean kelvin? she asked bewildered. knowing that an enemy was after was strange enough, but a friend? could her friend be doing this? Tina?.
Amara paced round her office trying to keep her brain in focus on her problem , Kelvin’ s kiss was really keeping her mind distracted and it really didn’t help that kelvin kept look at her as he stood by her table looking at her restless state. Amara put her hands on her scattered hair remembering that kelvin had buried his hands on them seconds ago. she signed again, Tina can not be responsible for this she said out loud keeping her mind in focus, she’s a friend and besides she had nothing to pau me back for, we have been friends for as long as I can remember, even thou I have been bitchy towards here lately, she never stopped on her effort to brings us back together.
there was a brief silence before kelvin responded still watching here, you never can tell what makes people do what they do,
Amara stopped her self from looking at him. are u trying to say Lisa wants my down fall, that she would intentionally bring it to my company?
she shook her head, I refuse to believe that..No she can’t.
kelvin walked towards her making her stop pacing, you can’t afford to truth anyone sweethrt. it is very likely possible that the person who did this knows the company very well and since the locks weren’t tampered with. I think you need to call ur security officers in question in fact am doing that now. they must have explanation for this.
wait kel, Amara called out as kelvin made to leave. I don’t think you should be doing this. I have no need of questioning the loyalty of my staff till now, I don’t want them thinking I don’t trust them.
kelvin brushed his hands across her cheek and quickly removed his hand. as much as I would like to disband the notion Ara, you company was broke into, this means someone inside was involved in it, an insider was involved or the perpetrator of the act
as he said this Amara brain was running wild. could some one in her company be doing this or helping Tina. Oh no the downfall of Ara p will definitely affect Tina and her staff, Tina should be investigated along with ur staff.
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