Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 65


Alex hit the steering over and over again as he drove angrily from Amara’ s house. he couldn’t believe he was disgrace and humiliated like that, he wish he could make the police man pay for what he had done. his could he be made a fool ? years back he had thought the doctor carried out what he told him and he no longer had any abomination in his life but finding out that the child is still alive shook him beyond reason, he had been looking for the child since only to find out that he was with Mr sinja. unable to face the wrath of a police man, he ignored the child, but after finding out that amara wasn’t his sister he thought he could get her back through the child, his treat to Mrs bello didn’t help him out. all because amara hated her, but now every thing had been ruined he shouted under his breath.
his phone rang and without looking at it he picked it hello he barked.
you this stupid man you would com here and meet me Lisa voice rang loud and clear to his ears. you left me here to purse Amara right? I will show you pepper. I even sent her a note telling her to leave my husband not knowing you where the one going after her. you daughter is here sick and if anything happen to her eeh I will personally kill you and skin ur flesh to the dogs. the phone went dead.
Alex dropped the phone and gritted his teeth closed his eyes briefly. now he is officially in trouble as he opened his eyes alarm rang in his head as he came to his a big truck, but it was too late as his car crashed with the oncoming truck.
in just two days Amara had experience happiness beyond measure, all her worry that her child would hate her was for nothing, it was like they had been together for ages Kelvin had told him everything about her and even showed him her pictures. everything Sam did surprised her, they had stayed two days together and she couldn’t stay a single minute with him. he became the air she breathed. but there was a feeling of pain ‘ the sadness that comes when she thinks of what she did to Kelvin. she had called him countless times and his numbers went going through. and her father didn’t know of his wear about. he had vanished into tin air after telling him to bring sane to her. she had wondered where he his now and what he might be doing. was it selfish to wish if he could still love her and come for her. that he would forgive her, she signed’; she wouldn’t blame him if he says he doesnt want her any more. but she couldn’t stop her self from wishing.
she ran her hands though Sam hair, he behaves more like kelvin each passing minute, Kelvin had transferred his good and caring nature to him.