Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 64


Mr sinja eyes turned sharply his own frown deepen, look how angry you are with Kelvin. I take it he didn’t tell you what really happened years back.
Amara looked at him, what else is there to tell? she asked painfully remembering what Kelvin had told her, I gave bath he kidnapped my child with the story that he was saving me from the pain of giving birth to an incest. what’s more to tell me?
Mr sinja smiled dryly as he looked at Alex, I guess he didn’t tell you the role Alex played in the decision.
Amara turned to Alex, I should probably leave Alex said, but Mr Sonja grabbed him.
alarm ring in amara’s head telling her she wouldn’t like what she was about to hear. Alex had somthing to do with this ? she asked.
her father looked at her as if she wasn’t using her brain properly. he practically have everything to.do with it he said and Alex turned to look at him, Alex here paid the doctor have ur child killed if he comes out alive.
the world seems to have ended as the word echoed in her ears, she looked at the two men before her in horror.
that’s a lie Alex shouted with his face turning red.
then why was he shaken and exposed and he was sweating profusely,
u deny it? Mr sinja said, but the testimony of the doctor will bring back that memory, the doctor was a friend to Kelvin and he told Kelvin everything who immediately reported it to me. I wanted to put Alex to arrest him, but Kelvin stopped me, the senator will protect him and his name , his political ambition and get him out. despite the senator is a good man am sure he will get his only son out, remember he got you two secretly married to protect him name. he shook his head, we where sure that Alex will still GI after the child when he comes out just because the child is a product of incest. so Kelvin subjected that we keep the child couple with the fact that u might come to hate with what he represent so we made the decision that the child remains a secret. he did that to protect the child”
Mr sinja face burned into Amara lake face as he continued. am sure he didn’t tell you of Alex betrayal because he wanted to reduce ur pains, Kelvin might have a bad side Amara but no one can love you the way he does, he had sacrifice so much for you and it hurt a lot to see him shattered.
Amara couldn’t breath, tears flowed down her eyes like river, she had made mistakes, the once she regretted painfully, she had felt so betrayed all her life but now she is the one who didn’t deserve it, the only person who had stood up for her,protected her even in her absent, there is one person who had loved her unconditional but she never retuned the love. she felt sick, she stood there looking at Alex for what he had done and wanted to do again. she couldn’t imagine the face of kelvin right now, she had shouted at him, slapped him over and over again and he didn’t do anything to her.
she hardly notice when Alex walked out of her compound angrily.
out and said bring Sam in
are you ready to meet your son her father asked her.
Amara couldn’t talk it looked as if her mouth where sealed, her feet wanted to give way but her father held her and brought his phone to his ear and said bring Sam inside.
Sam? she cried, she remember telling Kelvin she would give her son that name, and he remembered. tears where coming out of her eyes as the gate opened and a young woman came in holding a boy.her father held her firmly as she shouted my son” my son
her gaze cleared and she saw him, the little boy was looking at her with curiosity, a brief sign of acknowledgment flashed his little face and he shouted mummy”
Amara left where she was standing to meet her son who was still watching her cry, Amara came in level with him embrace him, she wasn’t cry a sorrowfully but it was for joy.
mummy why are you crying ? Sam asked.
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