Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 66


Mr sinja peeked his head into the room, you can’t take ur eyes off him” he murmured with a smile.
She didn’t hear him come in but she wasn’t surprise. for the past two days now he had been coming repeatedly and strangely, she liked it. she smiled, he his so adorable” she said gently without waking him up.
He closed the door behind him. he sure his” he said, and then stared at her for a second, u might need to come out and see someone” he said.
Amara nearly jumped out of the bed she thought it was Kelvin, is Kelvin here she asked?
Mr sinja eyes looked sad now, no it another person he said and Amara heart trembled instantly; am sorry we caught the person behind the happening recently. the people Kelvin position near ur house caught her as she tried to sneak in yesterday and I think you would like to see her, you might be shocked thou.
Amara swallowed, right now she wanted everything to be done with, she already had her son in her arms, she didn’t want any bitterness of the past to cloud her relationship with her son. she knew what she must do and this would be her first step, it was high time she started making right decision in her life, for her son, for kelvin” from what her father said she might know the person, but would this person be someone she knew? Okay she breathed after looking at her son. she followed her father to the door for her, she took a deep breath before stepping out of the bedroom.
despite all her outrage Amara couldn’t stop the gaps that came out of her lips ,two guys stood before her ‘ but that wasn’t her concern, she stared at horror at the person who nearly destroyed her life and her company, it was no other person than Tola””
Hello tola said, we meet again Amara with a wicked smile written all over her face.
Amara was still looking at her with horror, surely there must be a mistake somewhere she thought, it had been year but she still remembered tola very well just as she still remembered Tina, they had been her pillar when she went thru hell in Alex house, how can she be the person who is been accused of been responsible for her misfortunes? tola what is going on, Amara looked at her father” there must be a mistake somewhere. this lady here is my friend.
Mr sinja nodded, I was equally shocked when I saw her” not everyone who smiles with you actually loves you my dear.
Tola smiled, there is no mistake Amara I did all the damages to your company and I wrote all the letters to you.
but why Amara shouted’ I thought you were my friend, you, Tina and me?
tola laughed laughed wickedly, I thought so too, I thought u loved us both equally , but I was proved wrong, when you gave us money to set up a business, u gave Tina more money than you gave me. it was painful but I let it go. you did what no one had ever done for me and I loved you for it but then I was really angry when I discovered years later that u kept in touch with Tina and she didn’t tell me any thing
we talked every time and I told her how much I missed you and wish to see you again and she didn’t tell me anything about you, not to mention you both do business together, her mouth twisted in disgust” I was so angry when I found out and I went to make confirmation that u never truly liked me, you never truly forgave me of my hostilities towards you even after I risked my life to save ur unborn child.
that not true Amara shouted, I always loved u I only met Tina by chance and she didn’t let go even after all I did to , so I maintained my relationship with her, she didn’t tell you because I didn’t want anything to do with my past.
Tola looked like she didn’t believe her, and she continued Alex approached me with the saying that maxwell would be a treat to him in getting you back, I once dated Maxwell and he thought I could take max away from you, and that was how I planned on how take my vengeance on you. I was help into your company by one off ur security men who also told me the drawer your secretary kept her spare key to your office. I his Tina bag there hoping that that the two of u will became enemies, but unfortunately I didn’t know she was admitted in the hospital.
Amara swallowed the lump in her throat, so all this had been happening to her all because she didn’t want any thing to do with her not wanting anything to do with her past .could she even blame tola now.
Alex told me about told me about the child and that was how I formed my last note I sent you, she said looking remorseful now.
Mr sinja shook his head, you and Alex deserved to be locked up in one cell so that u both can tear each other up, Amara am waiting for ur approval so that I can sue her, they will surly pay for the damages they cost you.
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