Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 67


Amara just looked dumbfounded she could only look at them and the news she just heard. everything she just heard surprised her but not as much as her feeling did, naturally if it was her old self she would have agreed to lock them up . but now she had to learn to forgive’ if she keep seeking revenge and vengeance she would never move forward, she would never be happy. she just had the hope if she could forgive everyone who had offended her Kelvin might forgive her.
shaking her head she said let her go,
what? the four eyes that were on the room where looking at her like she had lost her mind.
Tola looked shaken
tola would have never done such a thing, I made her do it’ I shut her out of my life. for everything I had done am sorry. Sam is alive today is partly because of u, I would never forget that. if u would forgive tola for what I did to u, I will also forgive u.
Tola looked like she was about to cry”;
why are you so nice? why can’t you get angry? she seemed annoyed at that.
Am tired of been angry tola, I have carried anger in me for more than six years and it had done me no good, please forgive me tola I actually missed our friendship”
Tola swallowed hard as Amara approach her, they stood face to face looking at each other in agitation but they couldn’t stay like that for long, drawn to each other my the memory of the frdship long forgotten they pulled each other in to a tight hug and Amara felt it then! a peace that comes with forgiveness and letting go. she said thank you tola”
Even thou it was hard to leave sam for a minute she must leave her house now, it had been three days now and Sam was with his grandparent– Mr and Mrs peters who couldn’t let him out of their sight for a second. Amara on the other hand went to Kelvin’s company looking for him, thou she was scared. if she hadn’t met Alex and gotten pregnant she might still be in her village since her parent where not rich enough to sponsor her university education. everything that happens in everyone’s life happens for a reason that no one can explain. now she appreciated the mistake she made in her life for those mistake gave birth to the woman she is now from the naive village girl to a respected woman in the society: a woman that cannot be deceive by one minute things, she had now become stronger, wiser and better all thanks to her past. now she had every reason to thank Alex because he had unknowingly led her to becoming a better person and a happier person.
with a sigh she walked into the company, her heart pounded heavily as she had the hope to see Kelvin there. she had called him severally and even went to his house to look for him, she couldn’t begin to imagine that he would not be there as she approach the receptionist with a shaky hands.” hello miss how may I help you” the lady asked?
errm… am here to see Mr Kelvin Johnson, her heart pounded heavily.
am sorry ma’am ” he his not here at the moment.
Amara deflated and her legs almost gave way she felt the urge to cry. please when would he be here I can wait”
actually he his not in town and he his not in Lagos at the moment.
pls do u know where he his now or where he might be?
am sorry ma’am Mr Johnson never tells us his movement, he usually in our branch in abuja but he his not there right now.
Amara left there looking dejected, she had never felt pains like this before, she felt empty ,worried and scared. she didn’t want to think that something bad had happened to him. how would she live without him? how would she be okay that she would never see kelvin again.No! she will not give up she would find him no matter what it cost.