Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 68


Senator bello followed the doctor into his office with a sad look on his face. it had been many days of sadness, it seems his life had suddenly turn into a circle display center. first, it was Alex parentage. now this! he swallowed hard as he sat down facing the doctor, just tell me my son is going to live doctor” he said instantly with fear. he couldn’t loose everything in his life at once, first his family, his wife and now his son. how could he live when he had nothing to live for?.
the doctor looked down and sigh, he would live sir;.
senator bello released the breath he had unintentionally holding. oh thank God! thank God he said looking directly to heaven as if he was seeing God.
the senator froze instantly, but what he shouted”
the doctor looked around again before looking at the senator directly in the face, sir’ am afraid the accident affected his spinal cord.
what”… so I mean what’s the effect?
due to the examination carried out on him am afraid he has a partial paralysis he declared.
what the senator jumped up, you can’t be serious: how can my son be paralyzed..
the doctor shitted, not complete paralysis, it only partial, some part of his body had gone numb and will not respond to command . however some part of his body are still functioning..
the senator put his hands o. his head and took a deep breath, how long will it last?
with due therapy will might be able to bring his body to his full capacity in a long run but I can’t promise anything.
the senator walked out of the doctor office very sad. he could not come in terms with the bad news he just heard, how would Alex take this news? how would he be able to bear the state he found himself now? Mr bello entered the waiting room and three woman jumped up. his wife, Alex mother, and Alex wife. they all looked at him with grave expression on their faces, how could he tell them that Alex would now be confined In a wheel chair, reduced to nothing but a liability to everyone. the news was not what he could handle himself.
from the corner of his eyes he saw his wife coming to him, the only thing that Alex accident had achieved was bringing his wife closer to him. he couldn’t tell if she wanted to go thru with the divorce, but for now he would enjoy this time with her. despite knowing that Alex wasn’t her biological son, she had stayed put in the hospital thru out the trauma. he turned to her as she stood before him, with eyes filled with compassion. unable to hold back he drew her to him self for a tight embraced.