Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 54


Is everything already Kelvin said becoming alert,
please send me ur address I want to come there.
are u OK? no I would come over .
Just send me the address am coming there now.
there was a slight pause and Kelvin gave her his address, please drive carefully honey.
Amara signed and ended the call.
The drive to kelvin house seems too long. she was forgetting inside out but she had to do this to get it out of her system before she exploded she horn before the big massive gate which should belong to Kelvin and the gate opened instantly, she drove inside the compound and saw Kelvin standing out side in a fitted top and jeans trouser. her heart pounded and she parked the car and came out of the car. Kelvin approach her frowning deeply as she close the door.
What’s going on Ara he said noticing the cold outside, he quickly pulled her into the house. Amara did not have time to admire the interior of the house she just needed to be sure that Kelvin wasn’t an enemy. Oh God! I really pray so.
What are you hiding from me she dropped instantly as Kelvin closed the door.
Kelvin stood stock still as blood dried from his face, what do you mean?
please answer me Amara said noticing the state Kelvin was in, she became scared. are you hiding something from me Kelvin?
Kelvin swallowed hard and looked away.
what’s going on Amara shouted in fright. oh no! you are hiding something from me.
I.. I am sorry Amara”
Amara paled, you are? was he responsible for what had being happening? what are u sorry for?
“your child”
what child?
Amara stood like a stick looking at Kelvin.
You child didn’t die at birth. Amara he his alive.
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