Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 55


Icy chill swept up Amara spine, leaving goosebumps at their wake as her big eyes stared at Kelvin. she opened her mouth to talk but nothing came out, her heart raced beyond control days back she could say it was Kelvin that made her heart beat fast, but now fear ruled her mind, body and soul maybe she didn’t hear him well, oh no! it either she is now hearing things or she is going mad.
kelvin face was drawn tight against his bones, making him look two times his age, his eyes tired to look at her face but but he couldn’t.
Ara am sorry please forgive me I never meant to hurt you, all I want was ur happiness, Kelvin looked on the verge of tears, something she had never seen before. all she could do is to gap at him like an alien. or was he he an alien?
Amara couldn’t see clearly again, and it looked as if she was about to faint, her heart was still racing but still she couldn’t remove her eyes from kelvin, neither could she close her mouth. the word flashed into her head again and it feels like her head would burst out. my son, my son, my son!
her eyes dimes the more and her legs gave way, Kelvin wanted to hold her but she jumped as if he was infected with the deadly Ebola. tears came out of his eyes showing how much he was hurt by what Amara just did, he dropped his hands back to his side.Amara kept doing backwards until she come in contact with the wall, her eyes still glued with kelvin she lifted her hand and pointed to kelvins head, you… you…
I am sorry he pleaded again
shut up Amara shouted at him, she suddenly screamed putting her hands on her head as if she was hit by a strong headache, she lifted her eyes again to look at Kelvin who was still crying. are you telling me now that my child is still alive” my son is alive? she shrieked.
kelvin couldn’t gather the courage to answer, and to amara silence was an enough answer she could get, her eyes went to the floor and she shouted Wow” as tears flowed from her eyes unnoticed, Wow” she shouted again.
I only wanted both of you to be happy kelvin said, please believe me Ara I never meant to hurt you.
wow” she gaps again as her body hit the floor, her b—-t ached her painfully a reminder of the pains she went thru for not b—-t feeding her child, milk coming out endlessly with no baby to feed it . the pains then was mind blowing, it was unbearable , her mind flashed back on that faithful day when she woke up on the hospital bed with the pain that goes along post labour, the pains was much telling her of the bundle of joy she would see after wards. but Kelvin was there presenting his deceitful face to her, she had thought he had been the most caring person she had ever seen, but little did she know that he was there laughing at her over her pains and her shame, her tears dropped and dropped till her dress became wet, so you have been laughing at me , she said as the reality came to her.
Kelvin came beside her and said, no my love! I only wanted what was best for you, his voice shook terrible, but amara was past noticing, she wasn’t even listening to him. you always lamented of carrying a product of incest and I was scared that u might come to hate he he come to stay with you, please Ara believe me Kelvin said trying to put his hand on her.
Amara flashed immediately his hand touched her, connecting with his cheek she continued slapping him, don’t touch me she said slapping him the more, hitting him till her hand ached painfully and Kelvin made no attempt to stop her. he was ready to take any punishment she brings
How dare you kelvin, she cried. I trusted you Kelvin, I trusted you more than I trusted my self but you stabbed me just like every other person in my life, u brought me nothing but pain, but to think of it you did it smoothly. without a trace, she said surprised. oh my God am such a fool, she laughed her eyes not seeing anything but pains. the feeling of betrayal, anytime am hurt I came to you not knowing you where laughing at me .
No Kelvin yelled, no Amara I never did that, I will never do such a thing.please hit me Amara say what ever you want to say but please don’t hate. God knows that i deserve it but please don’t hate Me.
it already too late to say that amara cried because I already hate you, the more I look at u the more I hate you.
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