Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 56


Where is my son she said out?
He is not here Kelvin said his voice was lost and distant, but at the moment she didn’t care.
I want my son she yelled, I want him right now.
and am sure I would lock you right away for what u did, where is he she shouted holding Kelvin in his shirt shaking him with all her might, barky managing a swing.
He his with someone I will bring him to you.
Amara turned on her heels and marched out of the apartment. kelvin followed her immediately
heavy rain started out side, you can’t drive like this please stay Kelvin pleaded gently but she was already in the rain walking very fast as if the devil was behind her, and maybe he was!
Despite the short distance between the house and her car amara was already wet when she got to the car. she opened the door and was about to enter when Kelvin pulled her against his chest, Ara you can’t drive like this and if you. must go let me drive you.
Amara looked at him, get ur dirty hands off me she said as she pushed Kelvin with all her might. she jumped into the car locking it instantly. her fingers shook but from the cold and the anger boiling inside her, she tried hard to put the key inside the hole and she couldn’t after many attempt she started the car. Kelvin looked shattered as he stood beside the car looking at her as the rain drain on him, Amara started the car and drove off before the gate could open, she drove out looking at the the house for the last time, there he was the person who stabbed her in the heart still standing I. the rain watching her leave..
Amara slide out from the car feeling boneless, the rain still poured endlessly and she stood beside her car as the rain poured over her face.
the day was already bright and it made no sense to her. finally she dragged her self into her apartment, her cold apartment added to the chill she was feeling inside her bones. she walked into her bedroom like someone being operated with remote control, she removed her wet cloths and went into the bath room opening the shower which she knew can provide hot water, and the water poured on her like the heavy rain, even at the hot water she still felt cold she drew her legs to together as she cried anew as she tasted her tears that was salty, she didn’t know how long she sat there may be minute, hours or maybe all day. all she knows is that her body refused to come. finally when the hot water refused coming it started pouring cold water, she shut the showed and came out and she didn’t bother cleaning her self she climbed the bed like that and took the bed cover and covered her self , she cried until sleep eventually took her.
Kelvin ran on the treadmill increasing the speed all he wanted was to forget, just forget. he had never wished himself dead like he did now, the feel of betrayal that he saw on Amara’s face would hurt him for ever, he wanted to safe her from pains but instead he doubled her pains, all for what and if what Alex said was the truth the child wasn’t an incest he had just given amara pains for nothing. and Sam how would he let him go after many years
he had grown too attached to him he felt like he was his biological father,knowing that Sam saw him as his father that had been his consolation all those years he had been searching for Amara. Sam had been his happiness he had done everything possible for him not to hate his mother. he had told him good stories about Amara and that they would see each other soon, but now he have to give up all that because he knew that Amara would not want him in their life again and he deserve it. and now be would do anything to make her happy again even if it means him vanishing From their life for ever.
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