Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 53


Tina swallowed hard, No I won’t give up I won’t.
Amara singed, should I call the doctor?
No ” Tina said instantly, am just tired of being examined by the doctors. the pain is gone truly but instead tell me what is troubling you.
Beside the fact that u are here nothing is troubling me Amara lied,she couldn’t imagine telling Tina her problem including the pain she’s in now.
Tina smiled, you are a poor lair, you have been working ur behind off and u looked stressed. the last time u came you were constantly staring at ur phone, does it had to do with Kelvin?
What’s with it with Kelvin? there is nothing going on between us.
Tina laughed, he kissed you in my present yesterday remember, people font go about kissing their friends and I noticed yesterday ur eyes where glowing.
Amara opened her mouth to say somthing but shut it instantly again. you noticed the wrong thing even ur brain is presumptuous Amara murmured..
oh , no” am right” is somthing going on between you and Kelvin?
No, I mean I am just worried, last night he picked a call saying he had to take care of somthing since then I havnt heard from him .
so you are worried that something might have happened to him right? or that someone else is keeling him tied to her skirt?
Amara only nodded and thought bitterly, she turned and saw Tina laughing at her wildly.
it nice to see you head over heels on someone
are we not going to stop talking about this?
have you called him, Tina said instead.
she shook her head, no’ I won’t have him thinking…
that you are worried Tina completed the sentence, what if it a woman that is keeping him. Amara swallowed trying to keep her face straight not wanting Tina to know how much her words where affecting her. he had done so much for you Ara and it won’t cause any harm if u call him to know if he his okay.
Amara grabbed her phone instantly, don’t think anything am just calling him because he his my friend.
off course Tina said smiling.
Amara drove home at the early hour of the morning still worried that kelvin isn’t picking up his phone, she was becoming really worried noe she had gone thru the thought of what if and already tired of it. she drove into her compound parked the car walked into her apartment and froze instantly, a note was at the entrance of her door she fearfully took it . but Kelvin told her he had someone watching her house, what now? she opened her eyes as she read the words written on the note.
who the hell are you Amara screamed at the note, tearing the note in her hand her heart beating fast, kelvin? what is kelvin hiding from her, what is going on . she held the holder of her door to keep her from falling , looking at the darkness around her. kelvin?
Amara entered her apartment her head was on fire, she felt like she was a minute away from turning mad, it would take another long time to turn her back to her normal self. who on earth is manipulating her so effortlessly?
what on earth is kelvin hiding from her, she knew very well from the numerous Nigeria and America movie she had watch there is an elements of truth, all she needs to do now is confront Kelvin. if she ignores the note she would die of curious city her breath was already coming In gaps she couldn’t control it.
No she doesnt want to have any cause to hate Kelvin. of every one on earth not Kelvin.
she picked up her phone and dialed the number and was surprise it rang this time, because thru I yesterday day it didn’t go . she wanted to end the call but Kelvin picked it.
Kelvin I need to see you right now.
to be continued
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