Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 52


Lisa phone rang mr sinja picked it up, putting it on loud speaker. Becky he said to her.
‘ I need to speak to her she is with my daughter
she said instantly.
Mr sinja took the phone walking closer to her, Becky Lisa said, angry that mr sinja would be listening to their conversation.
Lisa where the hell are you Becky shouted, u need yo come back your daughter is very sick.
what is wrong with her Lisa said.
her temperature is so high am rushing her to the hospital now.
what my baby, Lisa yelled, nothing must happen to my daughter Lisa said trying to sit up.
Don’t you dare shout at me u better bring ur sorry a-s here. you and Alex are the most in responsible parents I have ever seen, you don’t care about ur child, I don’t even know why I agreed to keep her in the first place.
” am coming now Becky’ pls take care of my daughter, please the phone went dead.
she looked at mr sinja with pleading eyes, please sir let me go,my daughter needs me please.
what sort of mother are you , you left it daughter to chase after a man, you are despicable.
I know that, her mouth tightened. but please release me I need to take care of my daughter.
mr sinja sighed and loosen the rope.
“Amara’ Tina called with frown, it late what are u doing here she asked.
Amara smiled , I came to spend the night with you, after Mrs bello left amara couldn’t think of sleeping in her house, especially when she had confirmed that Alex wasn’t her brother . she had to keep her brain from thinking about it, she just wanted to forget the pains she went thru thinking she had am affair with her brother.
you just left this place, what is wrong?
Amara frowned at Tina, what is wrong with spending the night with you, I told you before that I won’t leave you. she pulled a chair moving closer to her bed and sat down. where is Alisha?
Tina smiled, I finally forced her to go home and have some sleep, but she promised to be back in the morning she’s such a darling Tina said and Amara smiled.
yes she said and granted in pains
are u okay amara asked standing up, are u hurting??
Tina laughed and the pains fading away, it fine I was just trying adjusting to the bed, I think the kidney is getting worst, she smiled painfully to Amara.
Don’t say that Amara said, you would leave this place soon.
Really? Tina asked, I think I won’t see my company again, I won’t have the opportunity to cook again
shut up Amara shouted, don’t u ever say such ridiculous thing again. you would surely walk out of this hospital with ur two legs , don’t be negative now she said crying, what would she do without a friend like Tina, who would akway come to her even in her foolishness. you can’t afford to give up now, not now at all.
to be continued
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