Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 49


He was right Amara thought angrily , what made her did it she couldn’t say,
But I wouldn’t mind if u do it again kelvin said drawing her close to himself, you know I think ur ice cream was sweeter than mine.
Amara only focused on her breathing because of the heat on his body enveloped her senses and his hands was on her waist drawing her more closer as they walk together, she tired to break out of his hold. but the efforts was completely uses less because his hand was hard as rock, she signed and walked with him to his car, but she quickly change the topic.
Do you think we should visit Tina again? she might need our company, I can sleep over with her.
The we in the sentence pleased Kelvin so much that he was smiling. No tomorrow would be good you need rest too, you went through so much today u also went to her place spent hours pls you need to sleep.
Although Amara would love nothing more than to be with Tina right now, the mentioned of sleep sounded heavenly to her, she didn’t sleep well because of the strange note , but now she really need the sleep, but sleeping in her own house had made her scared.
Kelvin noticed and gave her a concerned look, do you think u will be OK at ur own house? you can stay with me he offered,
accept , just accept her brain screamed at her, she signed and said no, thank you I will be fine. who ever is doing this would get bolder if I show any sign of fear, and I will not do that.
kelvin wanted argued but gave up, then he pulled her to his chest, I have sent people watching ur house now. so no need to worry the person involved will be caught soon.
Amara signed in relieve, she looked up at kelvin, thanks a lot.
he didn’t respond, he walked instead to his car, they drove home talking comfortable and Amara really enjoyed her self, kelvin’ s phone rang he took it out and looked at the caller he looked a bit unstable but he pick the call, hello he said, Amara had never been accused of ear dropping but strangely she found herself doing just that. …really? I can’t really talk now…. I will call u back Kelvin said and dropped the call without even looking at her.
Amara brain ran wild with thought, it was obvious he was hiding something, he had made several calls in her presence without been tense, but as he dropped the call he didn’t even look at her he had a strange look on his face.
is everything alright she asked him gently.
He turned to her looking at her strangely like he didn’t hear her, yes everything is fine I just needed to sort out things he said.
Amara nodded her head and turn to look at the window, it might be his girl friend she thought, it the thought of him having a girlfriend created a bitter taste in her mouth, besides nothing stops him from having one does it? and it doesn’t matter that he kissed me today, he might be reacting to the tension of that time. men kiss woman all the time right? it doesn’t even mean that he spent all the day with me helping me sort this out, he had always been nice and helpful, and what if his a flirt? he had always been I should stop thinking he had interest in me. this is all happening in my head! it doesn’t matter that he told me he loves me years back, it has been long time now.
Amara swallowed the sadness that engulfed her trying to put a cheerful face, the car stopped at her house and Kelvin turned to her I enjoyed my self today.
me too, thanks so much.
Kelvin raised his hands and brush away the hair on her face, u don’t have to thank me sweet hrt, he leaned over and kissed her on her cheek sending his scent to her senses but she was disappointed that he didn’t kiss her where she wanted , she was surprised to see her self wanting him to kiss her, to really kiss her, but he went back. the thought that he had another woman in his life already grew big in her head. could I be that am in love with kelvin? it can’t be she said to her self but Tina might be right.
No she shook her head, am not, am not in love with him or any one for that matter. she came out of the car and said good bye to kelvin, getting inside her house she opened the letter taga gave her and what was written in it, STAY AWAY FROM MY HUSBAND YOU W—E”
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