Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 48


Amara dipped the little tiny spoon into the cup of ice cream she scooped it straight into her mouth. even thou she had spent a stressful day with her staff trying fruitlessly to salvage something’s, having dinner with kelvin was a miracle for her, she was enjoying her self beyond measure and it would be sad for it to end soon. the meal had been stressful and kelvin had treated her with a cup of ice cream which she couldn’t have enough of. she moaned uhmmm. lifting her dreaming eyes to kelvin’s who was looking at her in amusement.
Oh my God kelvin tell me why I never had the thought of having ice cream?
Kelvin laughed, you where busy running a company.
Amara looked into her cup of ice cream and dipped her spoon and put it into her mouth her eyes turned dreamy again.
kelvin looked at her mouth he had never been jealous of a spoon before. watching Amara licking her spoon right now made him so, his own cup of ice cream was at his hand dissolving his eyes was just focus on Amara and her ice cream , Amara lifted at his cup and frowned at him.
your ice cream is becoming bored, since u ignored it, her eyes became filled with mischief, something he hadn’t seen in her before not even in her formal life. why didn’t you take chocolate instead of vanilla , you are missing it,
he frowned, I don’t like chocolate.
she raised her eyes, you don’t know what u are missing, she turned her eyes back to her cup and dipped her spoon back, she seemed to paused , then she lifted her her spoon in the air, she started laughing why don’t you have a taste, Kelvin froze as Amara brought the spoon to his mouth, for the first time kelvin noticed the people at the eatery as they started looking at them, Amara had obviously forgotten that people where looking at them. Kelvin watch as the spoon was fast approaching his mouth. open up she said, and dump the spoon inside his mouth before he could say any thing. the air stopped around them as they looked at each other. Amara quickly removed the spoon from his mouth and seated back in her chair, she noticed the people looking at them , who seems not to be minding their business. she signed lifting her head and put on a fake smile only to find Kelvin laughing at her.
well , how is it she asked,
Kelvin mouth started working on the ice cream that it seems to be forgotten on his mouth as he swallowed it, his face brightened up, wow it nice and it tasted sweet since it came from ur your beautiful hands. although u dropped some on my lip, pls can u verify it.
you must be crazy, and she turned to look around and noticed everyone was back to minding their business.
Kelvin winked at her, com’ n no one us watching.
you would wait for ever she grabbing are bag to leave.
awww” sweetheart you wouldn’t leave me in this mess would you?
Amara laughed.
I know you wouldn’t do that kelvin said.
Amara smiled hating to dare, she leaned over brushing her hand over his lips, but as she wanted to remove her hand kelvin shocked her by holding her hands. she quickly removed her hand with lightly speed as her heart pounded with speed, she didn’t dare to turn around because people where looking at them.
it taste even better with your finger he whispered, his eyes clouded with unidentified emotion .
I have heard enough Amara said jumping to her feet, taking her bag. kelvin smiled and pushed to his feet as well, Amara did not wait for him, she walked until she step out of the eatery before she exploded, I could kill you, u know she shouted at him.
Kelvin smiled, I never asked you to feed me.
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