Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 31


It was already dark when Maxwell pulled a stop at her gate, surprisedly Amara really enjoyed her self. considering that Alex showed up today, Amara still wondered why she still had the cause to smile, could it be she was truly healing? could she be getting over her past? hoped bubbled in her, for the first time she thought that Kevin’s appearance might be the cause.even thou he had done next to nothing. only seeing him had changed her. Amara turned to Maxwell and grabbed her bag. and said I really had a nice time, and she meant it.
I am glad, I had a nice time as well. I will give any thing to have this again” maxwell said smiling. Amara tense, she doesn’t want to read the meaning and she pushed the thought aside.
even though using me, making me be ur fiancé to push others guys away I will gladly do it.
Amara laughed, glad that he had a sense of humor, don’t tempt me I might take u up for that she said before remembering she joined him joking
is that a promise? he asked.
No, she quickly said, and it occurred to her that Maxwell would be a good friend. he seems easy going, removing the first impression she had of him. she looked at the gate of her compound and said I think I better get going.
he signed, sadly.
amara said good night.
he leaned forward and planted a kiss on her cheek before she could blink, she shifted sightly before coming out of the car. she opened the gate and went in sighting her car inside the compound before closing the gate. she had asked one of the two security men in Ara p to drive it home. as she walked towards her door her phone rang, she fished it out of her bag and picked it.
the voice that floated into her brain made her heart skipped, hello, beautiful”
she didn’t need to know who was speaking, Kevin breathed.
Ara, how are you? are you looking as beautiful as you where yesterday? his low voice breathed.
Amara shook her head, God help me from flirting men.
Kevin laughed from the other end, it would be impossible not to flirt with u Honey, you have the most compelling appearance.
Amara held the phone close to her ear, holding it with her shoulder trying to bring out her keys
with a silly smile on her face, pls cut that out she said playfully as she removed her keys her eyes fell on a paper on her door. she frowned as she dragged it out not really listening to what is Kevin was saying as she read what was on the paper, what the…
Ara Kelvin called are u there , he said. are you there he shouted, yes… yes.. Amara stammered, I just saw a wired note on my door.
she looked at the note scared, it was written boldly on it IT PAY BACK TIME, not knowing what to think about it,
A wired note? Kevin asked, catching a frighting sound in her voice.
it pay back time that what is written on the note
she said really scared now.
I am coming over now, don’t go in, I will be there within few minute, he said and ended the call before she could protest.
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