Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 32


Amara paced the entrance of her apartment, feeling angry the day had been strange enough as Alex showed up all of a sudden saying rubbish saying things she couldn’t even begin to think about, he had even been stranger than his appearance hadn’t affected her at all. she had even gone out on a date with Mr gorgeous and she enjoyed her self, the strange note to grown it up, now she is scared to enter her on house, what the hell is wrong with me, now kelvin would think she’s a scared chicken. she did a sign as the cold night as her hands held the rainings at the entrance of her apartment.
the gate moved and her head turned and her head snapped up but she was really disappointed in seeing Nadia’s mother. she walked on with her eyes glued on her phone, but as she got nearer her eyes meet Amara and she stopped.
Hey Ara she called.
good evening mummy Nadia, Amara greeted.
I didn’t see you come in, some dropped ur car, she said as she moved closer.
yes, I just came in few minute ago,
but why are u outside, she asked. is everything OK? she asked looking concerned.
Oh no, I mean yes, every thing is alright, am just waiting for someone, Amara said with a smile.
the woman smiled, oh no I all most forgot. some one came earlier looking for you, a very pretty woman she said with a slight smile.
Amara eyes went up, trying to get every details, IT PAY BACK TIME,loomed around her head, what woman?
she frowned, she hadn’t called u yet, she asked, she told me she would call you when I asked for her name, she didn’t tell me Nadia mum stated.
Amara frowned she was sure that the lady in question drop the note, but who could it be? what woman had she offended in her life, she had been the one people offended all her life.
Ara, Nadia’s mum called with a big frown now
is every thing alright?
Amara quickly responded, everything is fine, and how is Nadia doing.
she is fine and she is sleeping she is always talking about the indome you made for her.had to spend w my child Amara laughed , some tension oozing out from her. this had been been the highest length she has ever talked with her neighbor. surprisedly she liked the single mother’s company .
she is a lovely girl amara said smiling.
yes she is, my job has been making things hard for me making me loose the time I had to spend with my child, am iam quitting my job to get another one, but am too scared to do it. she signed, this is Lagos what if I don’t find another one, and I will regret it thou my daughter is suffering from it.
Amara looked at the woman, she thought that the woman didn’t care about her child, but now she saw the woman pain, being a single mother might be hell. would I have also had this problem if my child had stayed. out of no where she popped up, ur child should be ur first priority.
yes I know , why is why I work to put food in her stomach, pay her school fees and every thing she needs. I work for her there is no one to fall back on.
this might sound silly she thought and I don’t know if this would help, if u quit ur job can u come and work at Ara p?, we work hard and I can give you time to be with ur daughter.
unexpectedly the woman eyes watered, you would so that, give be a job in ur company.
Amara misunderstood the woman’s mood swing, am sorry I didn’t mean to insult you.
insult, the woman laughed. oh my God you have been going about keeping to ur self I didn’t know u are kind hearted, wow, I will be so happy working in ur company.
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