Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 30


Amara flushed with embarrassment. maxwell ached his brow waiting for her answer. alright am sure I owe you more than my stupidity she said as she shut down her system taking her bag.
maxwell laughed, right now I am glad you used me.
Lisa stayed outside Ara p, somewhere hidden as she took the picture of every woman coming out of there, she knew only a woman can get Alex so annoyed so she didn’t waste her time snapping expect the once took handsome to leave, she had wanted to enter but changed her mind , she she took the picture of a couple coming out of the building her mouth dropped opened seeing the handsome man smiling brightly at his partner
she total ignored the partner she she continued snapping the man, he was indeed a beautiful man who will give u beautiful children and she continued taking pictures of him but as the woman beside him came to view Lisa almost fainted walking beside the handsome man was the last person she expected to see.
Amara she gased silently as her mouth refused to close she looked at her husband ex wife now more refine and beautiful, Amara she said again she they walked to a black jeep. so Alex left her in Abuja to continue his escapades with his sister, they have no shame as her hatred towards amara multiplied, when will Amara leave my man for me, she took another picture of her before she entered the black jeep. she must be casting spell in all the beautiful men. as they drove out.
oh Amara I will deal with you she said to her self as she held her camera like a weapon, I will teach u an unforgettable lesson ur w—e I have waited long enough.
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