Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 24


The senator sat in the taxi with his wife as the driver drove them to prestigious hotel. he wondered what on earth is going on, it had been long since he sat close to his wife like this, and he looked at her as she sat down beside him.she was looking out side lifelessly, she had done everything any woman can do for her to be forgiven, but he couldn’t forgive her. he hated the coldness between them but he still loves her. the driver stopped at the front of the hotel and they both came out, Alex better have a good explanation for dragging them here, as they entered Alex approach them at the reception.
good morning dad, he greeted.
ignoring his mother.
Mr bello was about to point out, when Alex said please come with me.
the senator noticed that Alex was angry, and he looked like he hadn’t slept at all . they all entered the elevator, listening to the sound of the machine.
Mrs bello was uncomfortable as the men in her life ignored her. she blinked back the tears as they stepped out of the elevator, and move to the door Alex opened. inside stood a woman who looked familiar to them, Mrs bello couldn’t remember if her husband hadn’t call the woman’s name.
Hannah” he called out surprisedly, as he looked at the older version of the woman he had known years back. Mrs bello also raised her eyes in recognition.
you both know her , Alex shouted in disbelief. this is so perfect he exclaimed. can you both explain why she thinks am her son?
Mr and Mrs bello exclaimed in shock as the both shouted looking at Hannah angrily.
Bello’s eyes bore into Hannah as silence gained the room, only the racing heart was heard. Mrs bello looked at them in confusion , her head pounding in anger. she had known Hannah many years ago she used to work in their family hospital. she had been a friendly nurse and Katerine loved it when she attended to her, what she could not understand is this gathering, she looked at Alex and then to bello later turned to Hannah in total confusion, son? she asked in bewilderment. her son? what does that mean?
you surly are not asking me , are you, Alex barked at Mrs bello.
would you show some respect young man, Bello shouted at Alex.
oh Dad, pls spear me all this, and explain what this woman is talking about”.
Bello looked at Hannah again, Hannah can u tell me what’s going on?
Am so..sorry bello.
sorry bello Katerine asked, what is she sorry about bello, what going on?
Mr Bello’s brain was racing beyond control, I have no ideal. he turned to Hannah, what is this you are trying to do, do you want to destroy my family?, explain ur self this instance, be barked already getting upset.
Hannah walked towards Mr bello, am sure you remembered what happened 30 years ago, she said nervously. bello shifted looking pale.
w…what but… but you … Mr bello stammed as his heart ponder very fast.
What the hell is going on here, Katherine bello screamed, holding Bello’s shirt, explain to me what this woman is talking about.
he can’t Hannah suddenly said, he doesn’t know”
Mrs bello turned to Hannah you better explain before I will loose my patient.
Alex stood by the wall watching what was going on before him.
Hannah swallowed hard, refusing to look at any one she was looking st the ground as if there was somthing there.bello came to me over30 years ago.
pls stop bello shouted looking at his wife painfully.
I have to, am sorry Hannah said.
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