Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 23


Amara came out of the bedroom still dress in the same clothes, she couldn’t imaging her self changing her clothes or taking a shower she really needed all because of Kevin so close. she had never had a man in her house before and it seems so strange to her, especially the frizzling tension between them, she had washed her face, after standing for about fifteen minute . it it rude to keep a guest waiting for that amount of time.but she wanted to get her courage before standing in Kevin’s dominating presence.
kelvin wasn’t in the sitting room but the sound she was hearing was coming out of her kitchen, she told her self that kelvin had gone all the way to make him self feel at home. she walked silently to the door of the kitchen as the delicious aroma of the stew entered her nose, she stood silently st the door watching kelvin. he open the pot on the fire to look at it and then close it again, his sleeve of his shirt was rolled up revealing strong hands as he went to the cabinet to take something.
I hope you like what u see? Kelvin shocked her, by saying it with laughter in his voice.
Amara shifted like she had just been caught stealing, she looked at his back wondering how he knew she was there. she had thought that her feet were silent enough, what makes you think am doing that uhn?
you always have the habit of doing that, Kelvin said. then turned his head from what he was doing to look at her, she held the frame of the door tightly as his eyes landed on hers, seeing kelvin in her kitchen was somthing she was never going to forget in a hurry, she will probably enter the kitchen any time she remember him position beside the gas cooker.
you have always been too full of ur self , Amara retorted.
kelvin too a quick glance in her dress, seeing she hadn’t changed, thank God not every thing had changed about us, Amara suspected something in his voice, he turned and Amara saw he was cleaning the cabinet, her legs unlock, she finally joined him, what on earth is wrong with her brain anytime she sees Kelvin.
you shouldn’t have done this she told him, avoiding his eyes, you are a guest, u shouldn’t be cooking. thank you very much. he had always been thoughtful and sweet any woman would be lucky to have him, this is making it the second time of him wanting to kiss her, but turned away amara wondered if there is a woman now in his life, it had been years, surely he must have stopped loving her. there must be another woman now she shifted uncomfortably. angry at her self for even thinking about it.
kelvin noticed her discomfort, and sought to ease it, tell me about Ara p, he said and he grabbed two plate, what made you go in to event management ?
last I remembered you wanted to become a doctor passing the plate to Amara.
after all that happed to me I didn’t want to chase the dead dream of becoming a doctor and she was happy that the topic was changed and they are talking about her company for a change, I started learning headdress when I got to Lagos in other to get enough money to go back to school, months after I began the daughter of my boss was celebrating her birthday and I decorated the small room , I didn’t think much about it until my boss started talking about it, a month later her frds sin wanted to celebrate and my boss told me to decorate for her. I enjoyed doing it when they sang songs of praise, then I decided that it might be more profitable so I pitched my tenth there. I started with children part until a rich woman noticed me and told me to decorate at her book lunch and that was it, her friends started inviting me, I gathered enough money where I enrroled in part-time to study business management, then I got my self a shop that was how Ara p started.
the look in kelvin face was priceless, feeling her with warmth as he watched her talk, I am proud of u he told her I knew you will make it.
Amara smiled happily feeling like a child who just passed her exam with flying colours.
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