Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 22


Alex advanced towards Hannah angrily, but the frail woman refused to quiver like a normal cleaner would, she stood her ground as he advanced towards her.
listen to me woman Alex said with a clenching teeth, you may have been misled, am not the sweet smiling charmer the press said I am, believe me , I can be ur worst nightmare, don’t try my patient.
Hanna lifted her eyes as her eyes watered, I promise my self not to do this, I told my self not to be tempted to do this, that was why I left abuja years ago, I was contend to know I left u with people that would cater for you. but seeing you today I couldn’t stop my self.
what rubbish are you saying woman? Alex said angrily.
you can’t understand even if I try explaining, Katerine and Bello needs to be here, that’s the only way u would understand. please”
Alex looked at the woman for some time still wondering y he was still listening to her, but he had called his mother her middle name, only close people knew her by that name. he groaned in confusion picked up his phone and called the last person he wished to see, Mrs Bello, she had destroyed his life, he gritted his teeth and dialed the number, turning to look at the woman who claimed to be his mother.
Hello Dad, he said immediately he had his father voice,
are u just calling to tell me what u went to do in Lagos? leaving my company without telling me?
No am calling because u have to give me some explanation Dad, and it would be physically.
What are you talking about the senator asked?
there is a situation here only you and your wife can explain to me before I go mad, you have to be here immediately.
What rubbish are you saying, Alex the senator said,
for goodness sake Dad, just take the first flight down to Lagos and bring your wife with you, he shouted before ending the call, he turned back and looked at the woman standing before him angrily. the women looked tattered and malnourished, how can she be his mother, he shook his head and discarded the ideal and looked angrily at Hannah.
for your sake I hope there is an explanations for all this, if not I will make u regret the rest of ur life for disturbing me.