Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 21


Amara was super aware of kelvins presence behind her as she opened the door to her apartment, what on earth was wrong with her she wondered, surly it would not just take one week of meeting Kelvin to shake away all her resolved of six years. would it,? anger developed In her, causing her to clench her fist as she walked ahead of him: anger for Kelvin for doing this to her and her behaving like a child.
Amara watched as his eyes roamed around her sitting room, and she was nervous. knowing what he might be thinking, she turned away from him putting a distance between them, not wanting to see that he think about her cold sitting room in his eyes. she told her self that the way she wants it.
I can see ur intensive effort to keep ur self at bay Ara he murmured, she turned to look at him.
what can I offer u she asked him dryly,
his eyes burned bright with something she cannot identify.
excuse me ? she asked stiffed.
He moved closer, you can offer me Amara, the woman I knew years back, the woman I saw some minute ago, that is one offer I will never reject.
Amara looked at him, why do u wish to wake up the long dead? my past was filled with pains, why do you want to take me back there? is this how you hate me?
Kelvin walked up to her, his face was facing her, despite his nearness, Amara refused to show him how he affected her, she looked into his dark eyes, and his dark eyes bore into her angry ones. the atmosphere was tense, and when kelvin was not ready to talk, her anger increased. his eyes left hers going straight to lips, her breath caught in her throat and she suddenly forgot how to breath. now she knew she had let her anger to blind her, and it lead Kevin coming closer to her, anger and confusion filled her head, and suddenly kelvin hand came to her face holding her cheeks. she gasped suddenly, his gaze was intense and his finger touched her lower lip, her heart beat was beating so fast and she was sure kelvin could hear it. just when she was certain he would kiss her, he turned and walked away from her, she was so shocked and disappointed that tears started coming out of her eyes. she was angry with her self, that she even entertained the hope of kissing him.
kelvin ran his hand in his head, he shouldn’t be doing this, he knew so well, but he couldn’t stop himself for wanting to kiss her, this overwhelming feeling he always had when he was with her, God knows he wasn’t the man for her even the thought of another man with her was enough to get his blood boiling with rage.
why don’t you fresh in up he said to her.
before he could finish his statement he heard the door closed. he closed his eyes and released his shaking breath, he wanted to hold her in his arms, even without seeing her, and seeing her again after six years made it more intensive.
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