Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 20


Alex entered his hotel room and lay on his bed with his eyes closed, he had used some bottle of drink to work off his anxiety before going to his room, he wondered when he was going to have the courage to work up to Amara once and for all, it shouldn’t be this hard. but it was, he feared the person he used to look down on. the person who is now his sister,he ran his hand over his head, Alex what are u doing here? he asked him self, this isn’t the first time he had told toba he had nothing to do with her, but he knew him self, he can’t lie to himself. he knew that he lied to toba. he his interested in Amara and the worst part is that he couldn’t shake off the forbidden interest. he swallowed hard to drive away the thickness in his throat.
A knock on the door drove sway his thought, who is that he asked”
please I need to see u Al..Mr Alex bello, came the woman voice ,
who the hell are you Alex shouted”?
you would know me once you see me,the woman said.
Alex shook his head, mentally taking note to give the hotel management the piece of his mind, he opened the door his frown deepened, creating a visible scowl on his face, you? he barked. what the hell is a cleaner doing in my room?
the woman looked around, please may I come in she asked?
Alex opened the door wide, be sure ur job is on the line the moment u step in, hoping to scare the woman so that he can have his space and peace.
the woman without wasting any time stepped in and closed the door behind her, she stood and looked at Alex. she had the same rugged clothes she had on before, and she was looking at him as if he just woke up from death, as she continued looking at him, Alex shouted’ would u just keep on looking at me, or is there a reason you are here.
She shifted nervously, you.. you are the son of senator bello right?
Alex hissed. are you to tell.me who I am?
no..no. am sorry, it..just , it just that I know them, I used to know them.
Alex looked at the woman and started laughing, you…you. he pointed at her, and then he looked at her from head to toes, you used to know the senator. how hilarious.
yes I do, I need to see them, it very important, I need to see them” as her voice took a pleading note.
the anger Alex was feeling multiple, what is your name woman Alex asked.
Hannah she said.
well Hannah consider ur unfortunate self fired from this hotel. how dare you have the courage to come into my room, not only that u are demanding to see my parent, who the hell do u think you are he shouted.
I am your mother, your birth mother.
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