Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 19


He had said that same word seven years ago , how could she ever forget it, how could she compel him with another man? she blinked and put the flower in her nose again, and inhale deeply allowing the sent to wash away her pains and fears. she entered her car and drove home smiling. over the years she had let fears and pains cloud her brain, making her forget the good experience she also had . this flowers brought back the good memory she had almost forgotten. her smile was intact when she got home, but immediately she entered her smiles disappeared. there, at her entrance stood the one that had been occupying her thought, looking more handsome than any man she has ever seen, kelvin stood against the wall, watching as she drove into the compound. Amara swallowed hard, she did all she could to stop the car. she took a deep breath before coming out of the car. Kelvin had already moved away from the car before she came down, but he wasn’t taking any step towards her. she stood by the CAR praying that her legs should keep her standing.
Ara” Kelvin said. removing his eyes from her face to her body,
Amara stood shaking, despite her clothes, Kevin eyes left her exposed and womanly. she could.not tell if it the heat from his eyes or the gently breeze that made her shaking, his eyes came to her face again, Kevin” she murmured breathlessly not even recognising her voice, how.. did you know my house.
he smiled, where there is a will, there is a way. and since Amara legs seems to be on vacation he walked up to her.
despite everything Amara could not move, years back, Kevin had strong presence and appeal, but right now it seems it had intensified, right now he looked more harder like he had a rough life, like he faced something that hardened him, his muscle now look more harder like someone who goes thru hard labour, as he moved closer Amara eyes went to his opened shirt looking at his chest, she quickly removed her eyes taking as more air as she could.
have u been here for long, she asked.
He smiled,if I have seeing you is worth the wait,
then he moved carefully to her back, putting. his hands on her shoulder making her shiver slightly as she struggle to breath. he removed the white jacket from her hands, you look so beautiful he whispered to her ear, and she jumped and looked at him angrily. Kelvin burst out laughing, try as u may , amara didn’t return his smile. you are growing soft a voice whispered on her head, but she ignored it, she always loved it when kelvin laughed. his laughter would make everything alright.
you are a snake she threw at him laughing .
Kevin laughed, would gladly be a snake if that will make u smile. Welcome back Amara, I am glad u are still the woman I used to know.
no am not, Amara said
but Kevin ignored it, why don’t we go inside honey”.tbc
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