Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 18


Maxwell smiled, mischievously. you beautiful face is nice to behold, it wouldn’t be a chore to stare at it all day. you are looking today more beautiful than ever, his eyes left her face to look at the visible part of her body.
Amara Spain stiffed and she was glad she was sitting down and if not he might have run thru her body like he had the right to do so, you defiantly did not grow Bracket by seating in other peoples office looking at there faces , did you? and there was one thing about the company name that gave Amara a pause, despite Maxwell arrogant and pride she did not think he gave that company the name, the name had that ruggedness that Maxwell did not process. she could only imagine him calling the company funny name which will show case his wealth and riches.
I am sure looking at you will give me the inspiration to run Brackets to the highest level, maxwell said, and smiled brightly, showing he knew what he was doing. it no wonder that Ara peter grew so fast with ur face around it, and with ur face around everything will fall in place
Amara blinked heading the delight she felt from his compliment , I see u have way with words. and it amazed me the kind of date we had.
Maxwell smiles grew soft, I was a fool and I spoke to u forgetting that u are not like every other woman, please forgive me and I will see to it that my mistake is forgiven if only u would give me the chance he said looking more sincere as he said it.
No it unnecessary Amara said, smiling for the first time, trying to forget at the insult he had given her in the blind date, beside she paid him back with her own insult. I showed up on the blind date for a selfish reason and I got what I deserve”
sorry all the same maxwell said, I should have known that you can not be enticed with any thing, but do hope we can be friends?
Amara looked at him for a long time, trying to know what might be his hidden agenda, can someone who wanted a relationship with her really settle for a ordinary friendship? Amara thought for a while, having Maxwell as a friend would be nice, I don’t really keep friends but as far it on friendship basis, having a relationship is the last thing I want now.
this pleased maxwell very well as he smiled and displayed his white teeth I will try my best to remember that.
stop right there Alex told the taxi man, who stopped at Ara p” Alex was a bundle of nerves as he sat down unmoving, twice he had come this far but doesn’t have the courage to go inside, he thought he would have been able to in today , but now he knew he wouldn’t be able to do that, the amara sitting inside there was nothing to compare the one he used to know .
Alex continued looking at the building until his phone rang he looked st the caller it was Lisa, he answered, hello Lisa,
hello husband, where are you?
Alex signed , what do you mean , you know am in Lagos and I am currently in an important meeting and u are disturbing me, his voice dropped .
meeting ” Lisa repeated’
yes meeting I will call you back when am and he ended the call but his eyes caught the eyes of the driver who was looking at him, and he glare at him and the man instantly averted his eyes. take me back to the hotel and the driver instantly obeyed his command and drove off.
Lisa crabbing her phone angrily as she watched the taxi carrying Alex drive away, she turned and looked at Ara p wondering why Alex stopped there and continued on without stepping out, the fact that Alex Lied that he was in the meeting showed vividly that he was hiding something. follow the taxi and the driver moved into action. the man knew that there was something fishy going on, Lisa tapped her legs angrily, she noted the name of the company as they drove off, she could actually believe that he came here for business because he hadn’t seen Alex with any woman. she repeated the name of the company and later told the driver to drive her back to the hotel.
Amara stepped out of the building as the day grew dak she was totally tired from the days work and all she needed bow was a cold bath and her bed, as she walk towards her car she couldn’t help the feeling of been disappointed for not seeing kelvin, she had dressed up with the hope of seeing him today and hoping for a miracle that he would show up, but he didn’t, she wonders what evil that might have befalling her to be thinking about a man, she shouldn’t be thinking of him talk less of wishing to see him again,as she got to her car something caught her eyes, a beautiful Flowers which look like a flower she had seen years back. as she picked up the flowers she was sure she was been drawn into a web, she knew yet she felt powerless about it, she opened the card attached to it and it says ” you are more beautiful” the word echoed in her head over and over again, although the card had no name
she knew who sent it, tears fell down freely from her eyes.TBC
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