Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 17


Alex walked down the stairs. deciding that his body will come alive after walking down the stairs instead of the comfort of the elevator. he pressed this iPhone not paying attention as his progress as he stepped down, he collide with a woman carrying a bucket, raising his eyes from the phone he saw a frail looking woman who stood before him, making a gaps, looking at him as if she has seen a ghost. the mop he saw on the woman grip and the flimsy clothe she was putting on had told Alex who the elder woman was, are u blind woman Alex said angrily.
the woman didn’t seem to have heard him. as she continued looking at him, the mopping stick in her hands sharking as she continued looking at him, upsetting Alex the the more.
Alexander, she shouted, Alex wasn’t surprise because she called out his name, after all he was the popular son of the senator, Mr Alex bello, Alex corrected her, you have no right to call me by my first name woman, if u want to keep ur job in this hotel and I don’t care how old you are, he continued walking down the stairs why the woman continued looking at him.
Oh My God , she shouted,,
Amara sat in her office with smile on her face, she had been smiling too much she thought to her self,like it was a sin to do so. she could not believe the stares she had receive when she walked into her office by her staff, they have openly gawked at her like a famous nollywood star, almost forgetting to greet her, she had made sure taga was terribly occupied with office work, but trust that woman, she would still come and run her mouth soon, her eyes had grown huge like a sausage when she saw him this morning.
the door to her office opened, as sure as the sunrise taga entered with a smile on her face,
.Amara rolled her eyes, not now taga ”
I knew that the entry of Mr kelvin Thompson would leave a mark, she said laughing, Amara hid her smile and looked at taga , it seems u are blessed with handsome men , because there is one here to see you. the very one that I said his looks is good to be true, but am sure he wouldn’t look as good to you as the hunk of a man occupying ur head.
Amara hissed” Taga would u stop making assumption and stop keeping the person waiting i don’t know when it became a din to dress up on Monday for work. who is waiting to see me she asked,
Mr Maxwell Babs, Taga said smiling,
Amara balanched, the day could not be spoiled by the proud spoiled brat, could it? taga went out without saying a word. and without permitting him Maxwell walked in smiling like she didn’t insult him few days ago.
Maxwell entered with a friendly smile on his face and amara retuned an unfriendly stare at him. what sat on her Chair like an unmoved piece of art, he closed the door behind him firmly and stood before her table, his sky blue shirt and pant shine like it has just been removed from his nylon. and his handsome face looked more handsome like ever. how ever amara did not seem to notice those things as she looked at him angrily.
to what do I own this visit sir? she said strongly as her greeting.
he smiled wider, can I at least sit down Amara? he asked,
Amara looked sad, as all the happiness she gathered had all grew wings and fly way. it would do you good to no that my name is Ara peters, and u are to refer me as miss peters, if u don’t mind. and she reluctantly pointed a chair for him to sit down, you can have ur chair Mr Babs.
Maxwell sat comfortably in the chair without minding the hostile Amara shown to him, he his eyes crossed his legs in a fashionable way keep his eyes with level with hers, I came to find out how the progress of the upcoming event he said,
Amara almost signed because her business ethics kept her from doing just that, she had been training her works on the importance of courtesy no matter what it is, it would be if they see her behaving like this what would they say, she turns on her official smile and said we are working on it and we will send it to, bracket when we are thru with it, there is something about maxwell that is disturbing Amara but she can’t place it, but the smile on his face looked familiarity she couldn’t place.
that very good then, maxwell said, keeping his smiles on his face.
but that not why u are here , is it, she asked.
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