Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 16


Amara browsed through her collection of clothes looking for something nice to wear to her office, it was Monday and rather an unusual Monday it seems to be because Amara who did not care how her appearance would be, was seriously searching for something to wear. she discarded many gowns wondering if she would fine something that will fit her it must be the aftermath of enjoying Nadia’s company yesterday, she thought, she had been in good mood since yesterday when she hosted a little girl, even when she was disappointed when she was taken away. she may not be dressing up because of happiness, it was because of anticipation, she shook her head discarding the thought as a foul.
It had been a week now and she is yet to hear anything from Kelvin, it almost as if it didn’t happen at all; but how could she believe that when he stood so close to her, so close that she perceived the same perfume he used years back. he had been so close and yet so far, she had pushed him away, but he had promise not to let her go, but then, why isn’t he coming back? she had expected him to come and get her off her feet again like he always did, but he didn’t show up, every day she had expected her next client would be him, but time and time again she got disappointed.
she lifted a gown before her eyes. it had dark shade of purple and looked perfect, she had abounded it when she bought it, because it fitted her body so well and that is what she wanted today, she thought that kelvin had refuse coming back because he thought her appearance is lacking, she put on the gown and looked at the mirror , took a white jacket and added it to the gown she looked different, she could not believe the beauty that was looking back at her, for the first time she hadn’t put on a oversize dress to keep men off, but that wasn’t the case , for they still approach her.
my staff would think I have contacted an incurable disease she said to herself wondering if she hadn’t. but the desire to take off the clothes never came, she packed her hair very neatly put a little lip gloss and moved away from the mirrow no matter how hard she Denys it, her old self is still in her.as she walked to the car, she wondered if she had grown soft, because she had never in her life said to herself that she was beautiful enough to appeal a man, I cannot be thinking of having a man in my life now, am I ?.
Reliance was bubbling with life as kelvin walked inside, the busy staff pushed immediately they saw him murmuring their greeting, which he answered with a smile. he had never been a person who fancy a tie, so part of his shirt are always opened below his suit showing biyof his muscled chest. the ladies put on their biggest smoke when he walked pass them not even noticing them as he walked into his office.
Welcome Sir, shalom said, standing up up greet her boss,
Kelvin turned a big smile to his secretary, hope u enjoyed ur weekend he asked, it or n
yes I did, she answered him, looking at her boss who.looked just too handsome. she wonders y men tie their neck in the name of putting on ties, and she could not imagine him putting it on, he always look perfect without it,
yes off course he said to her, please come with me for a second, I need u to pass a memo to my assistant and head of department, there would be a meeting today and we can do some change and you need to be there in the meeting.
me sir, she blinked,
kelvin smiled, yes u, you need to be there, and that should be all he said dismissing her.
she nodded and walked out of the office, Kelvin smol as he watch her leave, he had been mintoring her for a while now and he decided she will do.more better in a more dignified position. Reliance just as the name implies so does the services, and it.the most estate management company one can ever bost off. kelvin looked thru hiss laptop top unfocused and tired he hadn’t been like this for a long time now it all started again when he saw amara, and he had been known of never imposing him self where he wasn’t welcome he wasn’t going to start now