Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 15


Lisa rolled on her stomach, dialing a number from her apple phone, she placed the phone on her ear listening as the beep beep echoed on her ear drum, she taped her fingers on the bed as she waited patiently , she had spent few days she had been in Lagos enjoying herself and shopping her heart out. despite a task to focus on Alex, she had enjoyed night clubs and the attention given to her by men, telling her she was still on the game where her physical appeal is concern. she had met men who made her think of divorcing Alex was a good idea, but she destroyed the thought the minute it entered her head. those men may be rich and they don’t have Alex kind of status and recognition.
Hello madam ” she heard from the other end,
hello simon, how is the house keeping up? she asked the driver the one who took Alex to the airport,
the house is fine madam, there is no problem at all, Simon said.
alright Simon, I have a favour to ask of you,
errmm.. madam.., he stammered instantly.
I need the name of the hotel my husband is stay here in Lagos,
B … but madam I don’t know.
Don’t think am a fool Lisa cut in sharply, u always know every thing about my husband.
it is in ur interest to tell me and I will add 50000 in ur salary of this month, and if u don’t I will get u fired. what is the name she asked him again,
there was a brief silence on the other end, then Simon said ,prestige hotel, I heard him called the name on phone. please please Madame don’t tell him I told you.
Lisa smiled , you don’t need to worry and u will be rewarded she said to him and hanged up the phone. I will take advantage of this situation.
Amara looked at the little girl sleeping, and played with her hair and was careful not to wake her up, she wondered where Nadia mother could be, how could she leave this little girl like that because of work. Amara could not even think of what might have happens to her if she hadn’t come home early. Nadia had been so hungry and tired. and she had falling asleep barely few minutes after eating, remembering the fact the Nadia said her mum comes home late, amara thought bitterly that is might not be the first such is happening, her mother soly rely on her neighbors to take care of her child till she return, but unfortunately the third family where not at home and the whole compound is totally empty, Amara was not sorry because she had the little girl all to her self, she stood up to get blanket for the sleeping child but the sound of a car stopped her track she and noticed the car belong to Nadia’s mother and she was disappointed. she fought out the tears coming out of her eyes and the thought that she would be alone again, she tried to regain herself and she walked to the door and watch as Nadia’s mother ran out of her car looking very worried as she ran to her apartment and there was no sign of her daughter.
she’s with me Amara said to her , not bothering of greeting her. a look of relief washed over her face.
thank u she said, I almost fainted when mrs Bija told me they all went out to a function she ranted, referring to the other tenant. Amara tried to take note of the name. I was so worried I rushed off but the traffic held me since then I kept wondering what would happen to my baby since I know u don’t come home on time.
it alright Amara said tired of listening of what she was saying. I got home more than one hour ago i met her sleeping and I tool he in and fed her she is sleeping right now. you should take care of her , she’s too small to.be expose like that.
Am so sorry the woman apologise, thank u very much. she went inside with Amara and lefted her daughter, thanks she said again, and went out. Amara went inside with the coldness of her houses she went to sleep.
Kelvin walked behind his brother to the sitting room as they charted on the way, just like old times. so what made you drive ur self here? did all ur drivers contacted Ebola he said smiling this was the first time he his seeing maxwell without a driver, he didn’t want to think what made him wear jeans and a t shirt, he had never seen maxwell dressed this simple.
Maxwell smiled, life is all about change, Kelvin Thompson Babs, he said. don’t be sarcastic”
Hmmm, now you are talking about change, kelvin said with a smile, somthing is really working in ur life, are u born again now?
Maxwell laughed, I have always been he said sitting down,
Kelvin nodded as he bright a bottle of wine and two glass , filling the two glass’s, since it not salvation, it will be somthing else. Kelvin said with a knowing llookk given max a glass and sitting down in another chair.
Maxwell smiled, well there is a woman he said, because he didn’t his things from his brother.
kelvin laughed, I said it, so a woman had made you change like this? that is first. so a woman can Change a play boy like you, then she must be special. he said laughing out loud, this is not what we see everyday.
Maxwell nodded, she’s really special, do u know she’s not even impressed with what I owned, she insulted me and called me an egoistic”
Kelvin raised his head and burst out lauging, now I see ur reason for changing, I like her, he said to his brother.
max looked at his brother and smiled and he decided to turn the table, what are u still doing in Lagos it has been one straight one week, and that is pretty high,
kelvin drank the wine in his mouth as his smlied turned to sadness, he hadn’t seen or heard from amara for the past few days now and he did it intentionally, but she had oon his mind driving him crazy, I have something to sort out before retuning to abuja.
maxwell laughed, I doubt that, am just wondering what u want to sort.
Kelvin have not mentioned Amara to his brother, he doesn’t even know what to tell him, all he said is that I have found what I have been looking for the past six years.
hallelujah, Maxwell shouted, it happened that am not the only Bab’s who is been malniplated by a woman, cheers to them he said raising his hands up.
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