Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 14


Amara laughed, I should have known. ur wish is my command” she changed the TV channel to cartoon network’ Nadia laughed for once she did not behave like a stranger she bounced on the chair playing with her tiny legs,as she gave the television her full attention. Amara laughed and walked happily into her kitchen, delightful in having a child, as she listened to child talking to the cast on television, she knew how happy a mother just be , by having her child around her. it was the greatest feelings.
Amara turned on the gas singing happily to her self with her ears glued to the child sitting room to be sure she was still enjoying her self.
suddenly Amara wanted the indomie to be the sweetest ever, she took out a piece of chicken from her freezer and put it in the microwave to heat it up, y waiting for the food to be ready she stood at the entrance of the kitchen looking at the girl, how happy would she had been having her child with her, she wouldn’t have to seek happiness in every woman’s child. she was not even sure of that, now is not time to think about this she added some vegetables on the food and within few minutes she was carrying a hot plate of Noddles to the Dinning, immediately the food reach the dinning Nadia lost her interest on the tv and bounce to the dinning.
Amara laughed, come with me , u need to first wash ur hands, she said and Nadia hastily bounced with her to the kitchen. washed her hands with Amara’ s help and ran back to the dining, and sat in the chair . before Amara knew what was happening she put her two hands together and started singing, some had food they can not eat ,some can eat but had no food , we have food that we can eat, glory be to Christ Amen. bless this food for Christ sake Amen, Jesus come and eat,
Aunty Ara come and eat,
Satan go away Amen..
Amen Amara said cleaning the tears coming out from her eyes.
thank you Aunty Ara she said again and instantly diving at the food .
you are welcome Nadia Amara said with difficulty, took her eyes away from the girl and focus on her food. no food had ever tasted so sweet in Amara’ s life, what used to be the saddest day in her life had been Brighted up by Nadia.
kelvin stepped out onto his veranda, as the gate man opened the gate to let his cousin in, it had been a while since he saw his one and only cousin , he was looking forward for their time together. even though they have their differences, Kelvin knows that his closeness with his cousin couldn’t be compared with any other person, they had away of dealing with their difference and helping each other.
kelvin stepped way from the veranda as the small black jeep stopped at the compound. he laughed to him self as he looked at car, knowing that his brother had enough money to spend on anything. he walked to the owner side his brother came down from the drivers seat and kelvin was surprise because he was the one driving the car.
hey man he said as they hugged each other.
good to see u brother, Maxwell said smiling.
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